New nVidia Driver just released!

I’m going back to the previous driver. Noted that there is definitely an improved FPS but at the cost of an increase in the dreaded Micro Stutter’s + an apparent degradation in overall visual quality.
461.09 was smooth as silk compared to this latest offering.
10 min’s later,…Reinstalled 461.09. 172 Classic at Florence.
Everything set to Ultra and 60 FPS on the Apron. On the Taxi way the Micro Stutter’s are no longer evident and quality of the overall image is back to what it was before the change of Driver.
ps No G Force Experience to blame for Down Grading Graphic’s.
pps. Iv’e kept 457.30 in the ‘Hanger’ just in case.

An Hour later,… Took 457.30 for a ‘Spin’ but reverted back to 461.09 which definitely has better visual quality and less Micro Stutter’s on our System.


Quick test on my 3090 (with Reverb G2) - higher and less stable frametimes, fps down ~5 fps in air. But frametimes itself is issue. Going back to old good proven 457.30.


Oops, I did it again :wink:

Heaven benchmark between new 461.40 at the left, and our good old 457,30 to the right:

That don’t show the frame instability, just the end result.

Edit : No overclock on my RTX3070 in both case to be more stable.


YMMV…With each driver release starting with 456.71 up to 461.40 I’ve run multiple benchmark tests including 3dMark/Heaven. The latest driver, 461.40, on my setup scored higher across all synthetic tests that I’ve ran multiple times per driver release. Grant it, one driver may work better for one specific application such as the infamous 457.30 and MSFS2020. However, if you play multiple games or games that have been optimized with a more recent driver, e.g. Cyberpunk 2077, it’s a hard choice to make. The gains from that I’ve recorded from 456.71 - 461.40 is approximately 3-5 FPS which is well within margin of error.

RTX 3080/i9-10850K/32GB Ram 3600Mhz

I enabled HAGS with the latest drivers and it made an unbelievable difference to the smoothness of the game, maybe one of the most noticable improvements so far! Using a 3080. 100 / 100 SS is almost playable now.

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SteamVR or WMR?

I saw no improvement in FS 2020 with the new 461.33 hotfix, but I’ve been so disappointed with FS 2020’s VR experience overall that I’ve pretty much decided to stick with 2D mode from now on. Even if I do happen to get the itch to do VR, I’m going back to 457.30. (Assuming nVidia doesn’t actually fix the stuttering in a future driver release.)

HAGS with 457.30 also improves?
I am happy with 457.30

SteamVR with WMR set as the OpenXR compositor. HP Reverb G2. Pre-rendered frames set to 2 in Nvidia CP. Can’t remember the other settings right now.

If you set WMR as the OpenXR compositor then SteamVR is doing nothing in the background other than hogging resources, if you want to use SteamVR as the OpenXR compositor then you’ll need to change the setting in the Settings window of SteamVR, one of the bottom tabs i forget which.

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Guess I’ll skip this driver and wait for the upcoming one with the resizeable BAR feature.

I’ve reflashed to the latest motherboard BIOS which enables this feature.

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Hmm, I guess all this interplay between WMR and Steam is quite confusing!
Just to make sure:

  • I have the Steam version of the game
  • I use the G2 so the Mixed Reality portal will of course always run in the background
  • I don’t think there is a way of entering VR in MSFS without also starting SteamVR?
  • I’ve understood that the WMR OpenXR compositor may work better than the native SteamVR one
  • Therefore I’ve set it to the WMR compositor in the settings menu that you’re describing
  • Also using WMR OpenXR Developer Tools to be able to change things like SS and reprojection

Have I missed something, is there a better way of doing this? :slight_smile:

I actually found the SteamVR compositor gave me a little bit better visuals, better aliasing, but worse framerate/timings. Take this with a bucket of salt though since I was fooling around with lots of other settings at the same time.

Yeah you don’t run SteamVR even if you have the Steam version of the game if using WMR with OpenXR, only MRP be running in the background.

I too see better performance using SteamVR with OpenXR though and as i use OVR Toolkit i need to use it anyway.

I got better performance on my openXR than on SteamVR in MSFS. But in any case i have to reduce resolution to 70% and 60% in MSFS.

Its not joy compared to the 90+ frames of Warthunder or AFS2

Thanks for your post - I originally tried 461.40 without HAGS, and it was very poor compared to 457.30. However, enabling HAGS does seem to make it a lot smoother for me too (maybe not quite as good as 457.30). I’m going to try the latest version a bit longer, as I’d like to have the SteamVR dropped frames fix for other games.


Keep up posted with your findings!

Besides, what video card model do you have? It might be 461.40 with HAGS is working better with some cards but not all and this might be worthwhile documenting it in the forum therefore.

It’s a 3090/5800x combination - will hopefully have a longer flight later. VR Flight Sim Guy posted a You Tube video yesterday with some smooth performance on the latest drivers, so I was intrigued to see why my original test had shown a lot of stutter. I suspect he has HAGS enabled.

It depends which OpenXR implementation you are using. I am using the Oculus one and SteamVR is not opening.

Take those Youtubers with a pinch of salt. Someone elses ‘smooth performance’ may be another persons stuttery mess. As a few people here have correctly pointed out, VR performance can be fairly subjective. What seems really sharp to me may not be to you and we may have exactly the same set up. I think that factor is playing a big part in the seemingly vast array of performance experiences people are having on similar hardware.


My 3090FE is just struggling with this new driver with constant CTD from the menus yet alone in flight, going to try reverting but can’t remember which one I used for my rock solid performance before :frowning:

Quite possible it is my undervolt 850mV @1900MHz that is failing with the new driver but don’t want to revert that…