New nVidia Driver just released!

Same CTD with latest drivers and 3090 FE

I have to run 457.30

Edit: newer drivers seem to be more sensitive to overclock than older ones. I dialed back my GPU overclock, and CTDs went away.


Folks I’m pulling my hair out.
Have I9 10 Core 5.3GHz
64 GB Ram
Nvidia 3090
Oculus Quest 2 with Rift Cable (USB-C USB 3.2 connected)
NVidia lastest game ready driver 461.40
Mostly VR Ultra Settings (used the post for 2080ti to setup MSFS2020
I load Oculus and set it for 90Hz 4K resolution (I’ve tried them all)
I load the debug tool and use the settings I’ve seen in this thread
Debug tool shows about 18 FPS and stutters enough to hard it.
Any help would be appreciated!!
Using Oculus Debug tool getting

A lot of people agree that 457.30 is still providing the smoothest performance. That is my experience too.

Give it a shot, it might improve your performance.

Everything on ultra is not such a good idea, even on the i9 10900k with a 3090.


@AnnoyedPizza701 MSFS settings are future proof, we will be able to play all at ultra in some years, like FSX was when he was released. You should go the other way, and raise them one by one by following some great post we have around here (search for E.g. CptLucky8 posts, great advices for monitor or VR).


Hi, I am using a GTX 1060 with the 152.22 drivers. Using it with an rift-s.
Performance is ok , I have ss on 1.2 (sometimes high in the sky 1.4) and render scaling is set on 80. ASW is set to 30 fps.
Rest is low to medium. I have some stutters sometimes and rarely black side bars looking to the sides too quickly.

I know my graphics card is low and the performance I have is already highter than I expected.

Do you think there will be a improvement going from 452.22 to 457.30?

Tried the new ones and got 7 to 8 less fps (3080),

But i cannot seems to enable HAGS, it doesn’t come up in my windows graphic settings

Which version of windows are you running?

Curious if anyone else sets vsync to fast in the nvidia control panel. When I did my fps vastly improved.

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I do, but it only seems to make looking around the cockpit more bearable.

Fast in the NCP and off in the Sim Setting’s ?

Yup thats correct

Value Index I have.

I haven’t even tried the 60’s in MSFS, but I will, yet in ForzaH4 on my system the 61, it’s a great noticeable improvement. I have the 57’s in my holster. Just in case. Just like you dude. I wanna be just like you!!

Stay Safe.


My performance on my 4K monitor is fabulous on Ultra its VR that is kicking my butt with the Oculus Quest 2. GPU Encoding and decoding is running 100% on Ultra setting. I downloaded 457.30 drivers and frames per second improved a lot to about 28 on the headset. I wonder why new drivers are not improving things or is MSFS just not supporting them very well.

downgrading from 461.40 to 457.30 was an improvement in VR for me and my Oculus Quest 2 with Rift cable

The 60’s did the trick. I love VR now.


Improved my VR performance by about 8 FPS thanks

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try turning on vsync, mine was crashing in the world map every time until I did… I think it doesn’t like high frame rates for some reason.

Yeah it was my undervolt that became unstable on the latest driver unfortunately. We probably had similar issues in thermals or voltage for the required frames with no v-sync. If you overclocked/undervolted then re-stress it with heaven/3dmark.

Heaven and 3Dmark are not enough. In fact no benchmarks or stress tests are never enough :wink: I was OC my new RTX3070 and all was stable in all my tests (I use Heaven, 3DMark, Basemark, Geekbench, Userbenchmark) and I played for a week with +150 on core and +450 mem without issue (Elite Dangerous which is sensitive to OC, MSFS, Automobilista 2, The Medium, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. yeah I abuse, playing to much). My new GPU never go higher than 66 degrees (Gygabyte Gaming OC) Until I launch Assetto Corsa, where I instant crashed. Lowering to +100 +400 did the trick and all was fine. Everyday Life is the best benchmark and stress tool :slight_smile:

I think +150 on core, especially on a 3070 is too high for stable OC. Most stable OC’s I’ve seen don’t go over +110. Also with the mem OC use a bit of caution as I think it’s double that rate and there’s no temp sensor on the VRAM, there are reports of 110 degrees on the VRAM during mining in a recent YT vid so if you OC it too much you could end up damaging the card with no way of telling unless you mod the card. Just in case you weren’t aware of this :slight_smile:

I agree the benchmarks aren’t the final say on stability, but they are a good starting point when playing with the numbers.

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