New Nvidia drivers and DX12 in VR

Apparently the latest Nvidia studio driver does indeed contain the MSFS Dx12 fix. Has anyone had chance to try it in VR yet?


Yes, lost 7 FPS.


I have lost several frames too. And in addition, DX12 tends to overallocate my VRAM since I own a 3080 with only 10 GB. So I have switched back to DX11 and made a nice flight from Hamburg to Amsterdam in IFR with the Cessna 172S. No problems and smooth.


Tried it and although I initially felt it looked better and ran smoother in the headset it turned out that stutters were worse when panning (especially in external views).

Reverted back to DX11 and kept the new studio driver which runs a lot better on my 3080ti.


That’s disappointing, I hoped the 2d reports of smoother panning would be a good improvement for us in VR but it sounds like not

Same experience here. 11900K/3080. My VRAM gets overwhelmed fairly quickly and then its a stutter fest. Went back to DX11 which actually performs fairly nicely for me anyway. (But you know how it is… will try anything to gain even 5% extra performance which I will immediately try to lose by adding some extra graphical details :thinking: )


Right, but I try hard to enjoy this all in all astonishing sim by performing nice flights with live weather, live traffic :smile:. When I look at the scenery from 8000 feet, admiring the clouds and in general the realistic environmental lighting, I‘m mostly very thankful to MS and Asobo. I‘ve tried X-Plane 12 beta recently …:face_with_monocle:


Hi there,

I guess a lot has changed after SU 10 update.

Just would like to ad- I have with su10 around 40 percent cpu usage (i9 9900) and…attention…around 10 percent gpu usage!!! (RTX 3090). The memory usage is around 16 of 32 GB. My Reverb G2 settings are in the most of the cases on high. The details and so on are on 100.

With SU 9 I had around 30 to 40 percent CPU usage and always around 98 percent GPU usage. I have used direct x 11. I have tried dirctx 12 but it was not working well.

Now using directx 12 after SU10… And I will not go back to 11.

I guess…It will be great after a few bugfixes and so on. And I didn’t finish trying other settings. I have to restart the flights because of the mentioned bug concerning 2D- VR switching. But I don’t have to restart MSFS.



:rofl::rofl: truth!!!

“It’s performing So much better!!!”

**immediately cranks up sliders.


DX12 and DX11 both read the same (very constant) 43-45 fps for me. HOWEVER, DX11 is much smoother, especially when panning.

7700k@4.7 ghz
64gb DDR 3200

I don’t think that the latest msfs optimisations will be enabled until the Game version of this driver is available.

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Spot on!:rofl:
Spent mine on 10 more TAA and Ultra building textures.:joy:

There is a difference between TAA setting and GTX setting. I have tried it.

Just DLSS 3.0 is not available. This will be just for the 40er series. And for using this we need the new driver.

Do you have a difference concerning memory usage, GPU usage and CPU usage?

I have briefly tried the new driver and DX12.
I got very similar performance as DX11, but… I kept seeing these strange flashes in the headset?
Anyone seen this? They are very brief, maybe a single frame or something and happen maybe every 30 seconds or so, but very offputting.
This is with i9-9900K, 3080Ti and Reverb G2, OXRTK and latest preview runtime.

DX12 is optimized to take advantage of large amounts of VRAM. There is no other reason to switch to DX12. unless you are willing to cut back on some of the eye candy. The fact that the next generation of video cards from Nvidia do not come with a minimum of 24 gigs (only the 4090) it makes no sense. My 3090 is using a whopping 21+ (almost 22) gigs of VRAM, after flying with everything ultra in 2D and with my G2 with a few things in ultra and the rest high.
The ones that have a 3090 and DX12 with the new Studio driver are reporting fantastic experiences. It’s all about the VRAM.


Yes, and it is a big improvement to my rig. Still, I get more out of it using TAA and ox tbox.

12th Gen i9-12900K3.19GHz-RTX3090 32GB hp g2

So not useful for 3080 10gb vram ?

Sorry, talking about cpu/vram msfs optimisations. These will not be enabled until nvidia releases the game version driver.

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In VR:

DX12 = 3090 and higher = better results
DX11 = 3080 and lower = better results

End of story :slight_smile: