New Nvidia drivers

Thanks for the info. =)

So…it could be released any time from today until friday, to be honest?

And - the Gamedriver wont add something for FS2020 if you already are up and running with the latest Studio driver?


Thats what it says, just because it says game ready doesn’t mean it would enhance msfs at all unless Microsoft/Nvidia are looking to improve what was released last week I guess. If they’ve already applied the fix in the studio driver the any future drivers won’t make any difference…


Exactly so not the NVIDIA GTX TITAN X
In all the GRD it’s there but not in the studiodrivers

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Finally someone who can end the evergoing discussion about the studio driver having a fix or not for MSFS. Thank you!


Something learned today then … never would I have imagined there could be two different cards named so similar. (GeForce GTX Titan X vs. NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal)

But in Fact they are just doing it again with the two very different upcoming 4080s (16GB/12GB) :rofl:

517.48 GRD is out but I couldn’t get it with GFE or by searching Nvidia driver site. I got it from the link on the Guru3d Nvidia drivers forum

So a later version than the 517.40 Studio Driver.

A very quick test suggests broadly the same perf as the studio driver. For me in DX12/DLSS quality with an RTX3070 8Gb texture res has to be High not Ultra to prevent overallocation of GPU memory

Correct. I think a lot of people think this driver is a silver bullet… it is not. Hold your expectations a bit.

I don’t have any updates

I think if you modify the url the driver is avaliable but not in GFE or main site search. I’ve not tested this driver,

Just received the notification for driver 517.48 in GFE.

517.48 Change log:

Fixed issue:

[DirectX 12] Microsoft Flight Simulator may display texture corruption after extended gameplay [3762763]


So no fix for the gpu crash

There’s DLSS support plus a fix for my above post not sure if that one was mentioned in the Studio release or not plus windows 11 22H2 support. Not sure what crash you mean.

I’ve not had issue using DLSS with DX 11. RTX card. Do we change to DX 12 with this new GRD driver?

I would of thought you can upgrade anyway as you always can with the drivers it’s on the website to download now, but the fix mentioned was for DX12.

DLSS support is probably just a newer version of DLSS I’ve been running the old version anyway as it didn’t cause panning stuttering for me with head tracking like the latest one did, this may of been addressed now.

That would be applicable to anyone dx11 or 12 who’s using DLSS.

See this topic.