New nVidia Game Ready Drivers 526.47 just dropped

You are assuming 4090 max out at 40 FPS🤷🏾‍♂️. Went back to the old driver and I get 50 FPS with max out setting TAA plus Frame generation on the ground at large airports (LAX, JFK…) with traffic. At cruise altitude I can go up to 120 FPS. 2x or 3 less with new driver. I’ll let you do the math.

Not sure I understand (language barrier? I’m french) as I fly at 60fps+ with my Intel i7-10700K and RTX3070. I was also flying 2 years ago at 60fps with my previous Intel i7-3770K and GTX1080. It’s all about choosing good settings and resolution.

Okay, given it a try with the studio driver reinstalled and I no longer get stuttering and tearing although fps is still down, which tells me it’s the more sophisticated aircraft and more intensive scenery. So going to stick with the studio driver and maybe turn one or two unneeded settings down a bit. Happy with 40-45fps.

I haven’t updated my nVidia driver in over 6 months and probably should update it to something. Laptop PC user with RTX 3080 16 GB. Should I go with this driver, the recent studio driver, or another earlier GRD or studio driver? Don’t play any other games than this, so don’t need GRD if the Studio is more stable and smoother for MSFS. Thanks.

To be honest, I see so many different outcomes with so many different setups, I would say to give them a try and see which one works best for you.

Maybe start with the newest driver, if that gives you a good experience then your done. If not, then go back to 522.25 and see how that is, eventually you should get one that suits your system, settings etc.

Hope you get a good one quickly :+1:

Well I’m concerned that the forum shows negative feedback on the GRDs, but the Studio drivers seem to get better reviews. Not sure why. Is it that most download the GRDs so larger pool of people to have issues, or are the Studio truly better for MSFS if that is all you’re playing?

Maybe! What’s the point of buying a 4090 ? Probably not to run in 1080p. My point is new drivers same settings gets me 30 fps (cruise altitude) old drivers I range from 50 (big airports on the ground) fps to 120 fps (cruise altitude).

Ok. So like I said, you really need to post a more or less complete report, explaining the fps difference between the 2 drivers versions, on the Nvidia forum. New drivers are pretty important with RTX4090 as it’s brand new and probably tuned in last drivers. If you report that will help futures versions and you’ll be one who will get the benefice.

Fair enough! I am not sure this would be the first they heard about it. But yeah let’s make it count posting there.

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my stuttering was mostly fixed after wiping MSFS from my driver completely with all its traces and re-installing everything from scratch.

Fir me it’s pretty bad, so i download newest studio driver and combine with dx12 beta it’s much much smoother

I’m back on 522.25 as for me the performance is better however I am not one of those that suffer from vram fragmentation (except very occasionally when I run my vram overclock, say 10% of flights). DX12

Today I installed the new GRD 526.47. And by the way three driver update for my Lenovo 5.
The result: I had NEVER this great performance like now! Made any short and one 2,5 hour flight (only in VR, FBW32NX). No problems. Got around 6-10 FPS more with new new driver. No stutter. Perfect performance and memory handling. Limited @30 FPS. Its fun. Its perfect! What a big surprise!! HAPPY! (again).


My friend experience with GRD 526.47 has so far been very good (3080).


DX12 is really really smooth with GRD 526.47. In fact it removed all stutters - flying the discovery flight over Tokyo. I was planning to upgrade to 5800x3d but now plan is on hold, considering the way improvements are being brought in.

Just downloaded the drivers. No issues so far. Not using anything special. Just a 2060super running SU11 beta with no mods enabled.

Just looking forward to the day DX12 runs perfectly.

I7 10700K RTX3080
DLSS is not available with this driver on my PC , it was before ! so i put TAA but not good as performance than before it was with DLSS. How can i find DLSS again ?
When i go back with previous driver, DLSS is neither avalaible.

Hotfix driver 526.61 released. Confirmed it fixes GPU not dialing down performance mode on MSFS 2020 exit.

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New Nvidia Hotfix Driver Version 526.61 just dropped - Community Support / Hardware and Peripherals - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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This driver works well at the low end, at least with a 750 ti 2gb and a 5600x, to re-gain 5-6 fps once realized two drivers ago but lost with 522.25 and/or SU 11. Its great to have a 30 fps cap working almost continuously once again!