New Nvidia Studio Drivers (not Game-Ready) have dropped! 517.40

thats what weve been hoping for 2 years now, they officially adressed it, and this is what we got… what a shame

I’ve had all 16 cores / 24 threads being used with DX12, which definitely didn’t happen with DX11.

DX12beta is a long run process, will remain in beta for a while, they never say it will be finished in one update, that why dx11 is still there and option dx12 beta in continuous development, expect to see dx12 beta for another 4 SU at least.

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It even says beta when selecting the option. So that clearly suggests it is not ready yet.

Since the release of MSFS, I have been trying to optimise everything so that the simulation is less jerky. I spent a lot of time changing the settings of the Nvidia panel on Windows. I also activated on Windows 11 the option: “Maximum performance” for graphical rendering in MSFS, etc. etc. Today I wanted to try to reset all the default settings without any manual modification, in the Nvidia panel on Windows. I also disabled the “Maximum Performance” option for graphical rendering in MSFS (in the Nvidia panel AND in Windows application management options) and the result? NO DIFFERENCE. Not 1 FPS more, not 1 FPS less! The difference, however, in disabling the maximum performance for graphics rendering is that, for the same performance, the graphics card consumes less energy and heats less I suppose! Since today, I have stopped touching everything! I prefer to have an Nvidia clean driver that runs with the original options known to Nvidia than to have all the modified parameters that can malfunction with all the options changes. In summary, all Nvidia settings are now on “Default”, the power of my graphics card is on “normal” and in Windows on “let Windows decide” instead of “maximum performance” and I keep my FPS and fluidity. This message is useless but just to say that we are always looking to modify something to improve the simulation but in reality, it doesn’t really have an impact except perhaps to disrupt everything! The only important change I made several months ago is the removal of NDU management in the Windows registry. I’ve never had any problems with this change!

My spec: Win11 - RTX3090 - 64 GB - Ryzen 9 5950X - last Nvidia studio driver - all MSFS settings on ultra - DX12 - 50 fps in cockpit with Fenix A320 (35 in big cities)


Try the studio driver it does help slightly .You have a good system so should be able to run on ultra. I have a lesser system and I run on ultra and get around 35 big cities NY JFK to 75 fps In Australia most time .
Intel 12700 and RTX 3070ti 8gigs mem, Win 11 Dev ,32gigs ram.

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Since SU10, using DX12 and DLSS, I am having the best experience basically leaving stuff alone.

NVCP = Reset to Defaults
Graphics tab = Reset to Defaults (Stock Ultra with my current hardware), with the exception of selecting DX12 and VSync at 33%
Traffic tab = Reset to Defaults, but with traffic nameplates enabled (for multiplayer w/my kids)

It’s been so nice not having to fiddle with latencies and settings so much this time around, and it’s never performed better.


11900K AI OC, Hyperthreading disabled
Strix 3080 AI OC
32GB Trident Neo 3600 CL 16
Samsung 970 m.2 drives
Samsung G9 5120x1440 monitor
Latest Studio Driver


I decided to give the studio driver another try. It’s performing great under DX11 in nearly every scenario.
DX12 is very fluid if I’m buzzing the Cub around the Grand Canyon.
With Fenix and PMDG sitting at a payware airport the fps drops to 10.
I also noticin huge fps drops under DX12 when flying into clouds.

517.48 is now available


Yep. And, upgraded overlay. Just popped up for me.

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same here first geforce experience update then game ready driver 517.48

Using 517.48 GRD I’m no longer seeing GPU VRAM being overcommitted when doing my standard test flight over London.

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Sorry if a stupid question but been trying to read and understand the forums about this but hope a kind person can help )
Since SU10 I’ve got everything working fine on DX11 and the old driver but once I download this new game ready driver is it recommend to change to DX12 but keep all my graphics settings the same and DLSS etc or need to tinker again? Thanks in advance.

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i would also like to know this =)

The driver for GameReady, which is probably what most people will use, has just been released and a thread has been created for guidance.

I have seen significant improvement with the DX12+ drivers, but it depends on the individual system.

As an indicator, given the increase in VRAM used, you may have to choose between DX11 and 12 for models with 8G-10G of VRAM.
In my case, this is because with the studio driver 517.40, at 2560x1440, DX11 used 9G of VRAM, while DX12 used 10.5G.
When VRAM overflows from the system in use, the speed will drop significantly, and you will still need to adjust various parameters.

However, I have not yet observed what changes have occurred with the new GameReady driver 517.48 that just came out, so you may want to try it.

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Hi. Do you see a difference between the studio driver and the GR with the use of the GpU?

The operation should not be different.
However, the driver versions are not identical this time around, and there is some confusion as the Studio driver is delivered first when it would normally be delivered later, so there is probably no one who knows what is correct.

Studio 517.40
GameReady 517.48, which was released about 30 minutes ago)

Since both versions have bug fixes that occurred with MSFS, I would think that if you think in general, you would try to use GameReady, which is what the majority of people use.

Geezer on Reddit says its good.


thats exactly what I tell the whole time… not fiddle around all that parameters for a “may be” 0.5 fps more , and get a high risc to make your system in-stable ( in special these high-perf settings , where you find out consume much more power and most energy saving is disabled, with mostly zero beneffit ).

I not spend time in such things and the result: zero CTD and fps which are fine for my system :grin: