New Oculus Beta Software

Just downloaded the new beta software. It also asked me to install new drivers.
Before I had a no sound problem, which is gone now.

The new software works PERFECT with FS (I have a Quest 2). Noe need for extra pimps…


Good news indeed! Where can I find this software?

Open your Oculus Home application then go to Settings > Beta and enable the Public Test Channel.

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We live in happy times

Thanks for tip

No beta update for me, I guess this is the new version I already received few days ago (I’m often one of the first to receive update, even beta ones).
Could you please provide the version number which appear at bottom of the general Oculus Tab?
Mine is, just want to be sure, thanks! :slight_smile: is what I have, too. I don’t know the last time it was updated.

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For me it was new, as I switched on Beta the first time. Prior Betas were not as good.

Just a heads up, 80 and 90Hz modes are still broken in the latest beta for Quest 2. No matter what you change the setting to, it only runs the Quest at a 72Hz refresh rate internally. (You still can select other refresh rates, and it will look like they’ve changed based on the menu options–but they haven’t.)

72Hz do, don’t they ?

72Hz mode works, but that low of a refresh rate Hz my eyes :laughing:

(I can see the flicker and it’s annooooying)

FWIW, there was a beta update today. I’m up to version

Yes, just received as well. no notes of course as to what it was…

Hi all, just tried the new beta version and can confirm its still locked to 72hz on quest 2 via link.

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Had a flight for 45 Minutes. Very stable, no stuttering, no flashes.

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I didn’t get a chance to test this brand new version, life can be complicated those days…

So what’s the final beta number after all ???
I’ve had for some time now.

Yes that is the version number, I have.

The newest Betas come automatically, as long as you allow Public Test Channel

I think the is the version of the program running on your PC (at least it is on mine). The version in my actual headset (under the “about” tab) shows

Oculus-App-Version (

my Oculus number is
Oculus App version .469