New Plane announcement - Junkers Ju 52

Junkers Ju 52 has come to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Junkers Ju 52 is now live!

Release trailer


Source: Twitch

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Nice, finally something a little bit more ambitious.


That is going to be fun for all those new HC Bravo users, isn’t it?


Is it ment for all the XBox gamers?


Where is the corrugated aluminium ? :grinning:


Your question makes no sense. It’s a new plane for MSFS no matter which platform you’re on.


Nice addition. Finally something a little less modern from Asobo. Looking forward to it!
Only thing that’s not ideal: they used the cockpit of the ex-D-AQUI (now D-CDLH) from Lufthansa. The main instruments look a little too modern for a 1930s plane


This is done by a new partner to MSFS, Oliver Fischer, who has done this plane for other sims. He explained a bit about the cockpit in today’s Q&A session. Looking great! They have also involved RL Junker pilots!


They are also suggesting it is more in depth than the default aircraft “every switch and system will work” - so will be interesting to see how this compares with (say) the CRJ and the forthcoming PMDG DC-6. I’m assuming this is a relatively simpler plane, but nonetheless, interesting to see if this is more at the complex/study level end of the spectrum than the default aircraft.

Wow, cant wait for this!!!

Then you might be glad they’re not using the even more modern cockpit - including what looks like a pair of FMS panels:


Looks like kind of a German version of a DC-3? Nice! The instruments look newer than the outside of the plane does, but at least they’re 70’s/80’s instruments and not 2020 instruments.

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This is one I will definitely buy! Way more interesting than purchasing generic Cessnas / Pipers / etc

One thing Asobo I hope would consider is adding a Black Panel option to the JU52, I think it’s way more charming.


Im pretty sure his name is Oliver Edmund Moser :wink:

And yes, he has done this plane for X-Plane already:

Im so hyped for this! The “Tante Ju” fits perfectly to the world update. :slight_smile:

Here is a landing JU at my Local Airport, LSZR, which is also coming with the new WU!
It feels like this update was especially done for me :joy: Thanks ASOBO! :kissing_heart:


Tante Ju. Looking forward to her.


So he’s the one making the JU-52. This makes me confident it’s not only for all those XBox gamers but also for us serious simmers. :wink:


I think this is where MSFS will shine with old aircraft which have full system integration that are difficult to operate.

Cant wait.

Even if they don’t I’m sure you’ll find people in the community that will make mods for it.

Fingers crossed they go be you the option though!

It’s more akin to the Ford Trimotor, with the three engines and the boxy corrugated metal look. Except the Ju-52 has low wings while the Ford Trimotor has a high wing design.