New Plane announcement - Junkers Ju 52

On the 9th of September

Sep 9th in the marketplace

Thx … thought it should be today
Okaaaaaay …

We all float down here

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Yeah, Coming with world update 6… Pfff trols you guys are…

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Oh no! The release has just been postponed for “a couple of weeks” :frowning: Well, I am glad that they are willing to fix issues rather than releasing a broken airplane. But still… was hoping to fly through the Alps with “auntie JU” these days …

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Interesting to postpone the release a day before the planned date for multiple weeks. Nice chaos at Asobo it seems.

The argument with the bugs is just PR, the still reversed brakes on the Husky demonstrate that this is not the real reason.


IIRC, all the axis for all planes were reversed in SU5. You have to un-reverse them.

“We have a non-working product” is a PR stunt for you? Can you enlighten us then what you think the “real reason” would be? Just curious…

If it would be non working it would have been known prior to today. To postpone a non working product a day before planned release it simply bad project management. If the product is in a state that requires a multi-week delay the decision to delay should have been clear and communicates earlier.

To now make it look like this is all done for the sake of minor bug polishing is just unbelievable and a PR stunt to cover up the failure in project management. Minor bug fixing taking weeks? So many that the new release date is now undefined? Take a look at Aerosoft how much progress is done on the Twin Otter versions in multiple weeks for comparison.


No one gives a d*mn about “project management”: all that counts is “it works” or “it doesn’t”. For all we know now is that “it doesn’t work” (to whatever degree). And no one said that it is “just polishing”: there could indeed be a major issue they just discovered recently. Such is the nature of software development: “you don’t know it until you know it”.

And don’t come with the argument that “the community deserves to know” etc. - all I do care (personally) is when I can purchase the product. Until then no communication is required. An “it’s in development” followed by an optional “there is an issue, will delay the release” followed by an “it is available now” is absolutely sufficient.


I only have that on the Husky. If I reverse the axis, the Husky is ok but all my other planes I fly are reversed.

And I said that no one cares whether that communication had been made a month ago, a week ago or just now.

They apparently tried “to just make it”, hence they delayed the announcment, and in the end the problem was bigger than anticipated. End of the story.

No reason to rant about “bad project management” and the like.

Maybe you could work on your tone a little?

UPDATE: Okay, let me work on my tone a little (you are right about this being misplaced): I am sick of this constant “whining” and “negativity”: Asobo/MS just provided a great, free update (for a 60-150$ game!), they provide constant updates… and people start threads like “nothing is fixed”, complain about “bad project management” because Asobo actually does informs the users - and if they don’t, they are “doomed” anyway.

I came here to share my great experience with the WU6, but am put off by all those rants and negativity posts, mostly posted by self-proclaimed “simmers”. That’s the true bottom line here.

I am sorry about my tone being a bit tense here, too. And it wasn’t even directed at your post directly, but more in a general sense (which was wrong, I apologize for that).


I’m sorry and I apologize, I’m just so disappointed because I was so looking forward to the release. It’s another disappointment in a longer chain of updates that break things, lingering bugs and marketplace issues.

I just wish, Asobo would stop with new features and content and take half a year to whip into shape what is already there. As is it seems to me we are all flying in a sim that is alternating between beta and alpha state.

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You guys have to kiss now

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If that is common courtesy around here. :kissing_smiling_eyes::grin:

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And here’s me, just waiting for the Seneca V announced to be released in the coming days a few weeks ago on Xbox. Now I got really interested in the JU 52 and again, few weeks delayed a day before announced release. Really frustrating if you ask me.

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Look, were are totally in the same boat here! And again, I apologise for my rough tone here, that was caused by other threads and topics here (so not your post, which is way “on the reasoable side of things”!).

I too was disappointed. But that’s only because I am looking forward so much for this airplane! There is an issue? Okay. They let us know (admittedly the “for weeks” also was a bit of a surprise to me ;)), and that’s all I - as a consumer - need to know.

And yes, there are (ongoing) issues with updates in general. But what people often “overlook”: there has been made more progress than regress. And existing regress (issues) are tackled and acknowledged - and that’s all that counts (for me).

Sure, everyone as a very specific aspect of FS 2020 that is “very important to them” (some navigation system, properly placed buildings around airports, realistic behaviour of aircrafts…).

I say: it is all about personal expectation management. Personally I never expected “fully simulated aircrafts” in the base installation (I own the Premium variant, as a side note). Not even “100% truly to real life” behaviour. It is a game, after all. A “simulator” for 200$ (as an “upper boundary”).

But: it is also a “platform”. And I still expect 3rd parties stepping in and provide “study level aircrafts” (I understand that the DC-6 is pretty close to this already - but since I don’t own it I cannot tell).

And above all: FS 2020 has set the new bar height for visual representation and scenery (the entire planet!), weather system and wind dynamics (again, I am just a layman myself: but even I do realise that there is a distinct difference in “flight dynamics” when you fly “next to a mountain” - is it realistic? I can’t tell! But it feels like realistic, and that’s all that counts for the majority of gamers, I’d say. And yes, I say “gamers” here!).

Again, I apologise for my tone, which was “build up” by other recent threads and postings here. I did not edit my original post, in order to make my apology “valid”.


You’re right. The Ju-52 is a local legend in naming for Asobo but it is truly one here (in Germany). And I was so looking to explore WU6 in this iconic Plane. And now a day before release this has been shot down. That is quite frustrating.

I see a lot of progress in the sim. But to me it looks like Asobo is wanting to much and/or to fast. I would appreciate a slower pace giving them room to breath and fix existing bugs along the way.

P.S.: I’m too still waiting for the Sceneca „in the next days“. There is entertainment value in this sim on more then one level for sure.

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… and in Switzerland :wink:

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