New Release: Aeroplane Heaven P-51D Mustang

Available now! For those looking for a period WW2 Mustang (and a few modern civilian models as well), the Aeroplane Heaven Mustang looks fantastic, flies well, and has good WWise audio. Currently available from the AH website and SimMarket, coming to OrbX, JustFlight, and PC Aviator according to the AH website. (Whoops, forum software doesn’t seem to allow zooming these, originals can be found here.)


Some more shots…


The screenshots do look great… but I would like to see a few reviews before pulling the trigger this time.


Oh boy do I want this, but after the Electra and the F3F I’m hesitant.


Only thing I had to learn to manage is that plane veers to the left if you slam the throttle forward. Took a bit of practice but if you make sure the tailwheel is locked, crank in a few degrees of rudder trim, and advance the throttle forward steadily and gradually, it avoids the issue.

Visual details is great, and I haven’t run into any of the initial issues I saw on the F3F. VR looks amazing, good WWise Merlin audio, flight model feels weighty but performant. And lots of great paints.

(Edited to clarify the left swing is just something to learn to avoid, not a problem with the plane.)

You cannot “slam the throttle forward” on an aircraft with nearly 1500 HP out front, swinging a four-blade 11 foot diameter prop.

“Firewalling” the throttle is bad practice in any aircraft; in a high-powered taildragger it’s begging for disaster.


I certainly hope so
I’d probably get this but I’m only budgeted for the Aerosoft Twin Otter - until next month anyway


is there a comparison of both the Asobo and Aeroplane P-51?

since i owned the Asobo version as part of the Reno Air Races DLC

They really seem to be in a hurry.


Regardless of AH’s reputation at the moment for rushing releases, this is still going to be far better than the Asobo air race P51’s.

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Bogus kill flags, SMH. I know it’s the law in some countries but those represent dead Nazis and destroyed Nazi machines. It’s history, fer the luvva Gawd!


It’s not AH’s choice. I used to work in digital retailing of console apps at a certain company that might just own this website, and we had to ensure that shooters, tank, naval, and aviation games didn’t feature Swastikas in any promotional art for legal reasons.

Some countries (such as Germany and Austria) do not allow the representation of Swastikas in entertainment products. Even when those products recreate actual history. You legally can’t sell the products there.

SimMarket, for instance, is in Germany. Even if publishers created a special version for Germany, retailers like SimMarket couldn’t sell the historically accurate version to customers in other countries. Retailers outside of Germany would have to regionally protect the accurate versions and maintain special versions just for the countries that prohibit Swastikas.

Now, I agree this law is shallow and poorly thought out, but that’s legislators for you. Saying you can’t have Swastika kill marks on an American plane is ludicrous – you’re not celebrating Naziism. you’re celebrating shooting down Nazis. And having historical markings in a WW2 recreation isn’t like doing a game celebrating Naziism or using Swastikas to promote hate groups. But the law that prohibits them is a blanket prohibition.

Frankly, I think there’s a big difference between not celebrating horrific parts of history and not acknowedging them. When I was in Germany in the mid-90s, they were doing everything possible to erase any remnants of the east/west split and Communist East Germany. IMHO it’s better to acknowledge the wrong and learn from its mistakes, not to try to sweep it under the rug.

TL;DR – It’s 2022 and products are sold internationally and some countries have blanket prohibitions against any representations of Swastikas in entertainment products.

And with and other sources of repaints that don’t have to hew to these restrictions, it’s a non-issue. An artist can easily tweak the paints to properly historically represent blowing Nazis out the sky.


Understood. I don’t blame AH for following the law. It’s the same shallow perspective that prohibits machine guns and cannon on fighter planes. I would hope that artists and repainters rectify the historical inaccuracies sooner, not later.

Interested in following if that’s actually the case, and in what ways. There seems to be pros and cons to Asobo and third party aircraft each. Where Asobo often has unrivaled visual and audio models, but a lot more attention to detail and bells and whistles are going into third party aircraft. Asobo aircraft tend to be pretty bare bones, but many of the third parties are still recycling old assets and using older techniques to create their models. I’m not super impressed with the Reno P-51s, so if this is significantly better would definitely consider it. But if it’s half way between FSX and Flight Simulator I’d probably pass.

Does it actually veer left right away if you firewall it? On every other warbird I’ve flow in this game, you can jam that throttle forward no problem and it tracks straight for quite awhile until 40-50 knots or so, including the FI Spit, Milviz Corsair, and all the Reno planes. Makes me think it’s a ground handling limitation in the base Flight Simulator model.

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Well, no. That one’s not the law, it’s just Microsoft wanting MSFS to maintain an “E for Everybody” ESRB age rating.

Having dealt with the ESRB since their inception, I think MS is being too conservative, and that they likely would not bump the game up in rating for historically accurate guns on the planes if they weren’t actually something you can fire or use in the game. But perhaps the ESRB has gotten more stringent since I left game journalism.

But at worse, they’d end up with an “E10+” or (gasp!) “Teen” rating. Which I think would lose them exactly zero sales. (Though I’d love it if there was a huge market of 7-year-old flight sim fans!)

Anyway,. the gun thing is MS being conservative, that could easily be changed. But the markings are a legal thing and aren’t under the control of MS, AH, or any other game publisher.

Don’t forget Kermit Weeks on YouTube has a great series on how exactly to fly the Mustang.

Ok I had some time to kill and I bought it. It’s about what you’d expect from AH.

Visually it’s very nice, the interior and exterior modeling is nice, same for the textures. One issue is the prop disk is rather low poly, with some very sharp angles all around. Considering you look through this for the entire flight, they should’ve saved polys somewhere less obvious.

The sounds are just like the F3F, very flat, with virtually zero bass. Considering this is two planes in a row with trash sound, this isn’t an accident and they actually find these sounds to be acceptable. A real disappointment here

She flies nice, I didn’t get to do more than a quick 20 minute flight but from taxi to landing I have no complaints

The cooler switches are incorrect. The locks for them are supposed to hold the switches in auto mode, however when you engage the locks, the switches get held in close mode.

Overall I hope AH does something about the sounds because this is two planes in a row that have had unacceptable engine sounds.


Decided to be a guinea pig and try it. Purchased from Just Flight, but maybe their server is overloaded as the download is registering 2-4 days remaining to download. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would argue it’s 4 planes in a row… The electra engines were way too loud, no effect when closing the windows, and even the spitfire (I actually prefer AH model to Flying Iron Simulations) had some very strange sounds when going for a dive, like it just pitch shift up with no extra nuances.


I’d rather have them too loud and no changes with windows being open than the F3F and this. For all that’s good about this plane, the sounds really kill my opinion of it.