New release: Aerosoft CRJ 900/1000 on final approach

Just a heads up!

Aerosoft is about to release the CRJ900/1000 extention mod. They’re probably waiting for it to clear the Marketplace where it can be downloaded.


Definetly will be buying this. Sure has taken a while though compared to their official estimate when the CRJ550/700 was released, but hopefully the extra time was used to refine it.


I’ve come to really enjoy the 550/700 - I’m flying it about as often as the 32NX now. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn great. It’s a challenge to fly well, but not an insurmountable challenge. (I assume the longer/heavier 900 and 1000 will increase that challenge, or at least change it somewhat.) And MAN is it pretty from the outside…!

16 euros is about $20 US. That seems reasonable for the add-on. The base 550/700 is a bit pricey, but you do get a lot of value for your money. I just wish I hadn’t bought this on the marketplace… but that applies for a lot of things. :slight_smile:

Currently the best airliner in FS.
Lufthansa flies the long version from my hometown regularity, I’ll get it for sure :slight_smile:

I hope aerosoft speed up the integration of terrain awareness in their CRJs

Any differences other than the length of the plane? :slight_smile: Systems, etc?

suggest you get on Aerosoft’s forum site…a lot of threads on the CRJ

If you mean terrain radar, it is not possible till Asobo opens up the system/implements an API for terrain/weather.

They’d love to. Talk to Asobo about that.

So this means all upcoming aircraft like pmdg 737 will come without terrain and weather radar? That’s sad

Read and vote here:

The terrain display is not a radar function, it is internal database of the aircraft. So it can come in large files to read from or it can be taken from the sim’s topography.

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Thats a funny excuse since the CJ-4 and the G1000 all have both working weather and terrain radar. I was under the impression the update to the CRJ was supposed to be a professional version with all the bells and whistles.

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What the…?

In sim marketplace CRJ900/1000 is 50,99€, while at Aerosoft’s web shop it is 20€.
I already have CRJ550/700 purchesed in sim market place, can I purchase 900/1000 from Aerosoft, because 50,99€ is mistake or someone decided to rip us?

It’s not an excuse if it’s correct. But you don’t just have to take Aerosoft’s word for it; talk to the much-adored FlyByWire team too, who are currently petitioning Asobo to implement a weather/terrain radar API.

Aerosoft has noted on their forum that there’s a problem with the Marketplace version - it’s not showing the upgrade price properly. Don’t buy it yet.

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Where can I find the changelog for today’s update for the CRJ-550/700? Can’t find it anywhere…

I use the Aerosoft installer and the patch notes were in there.

Do you mind sharing it, I bought it on marketplace, and I didn’t see a changelog, not even in version history of marketplace…

Official comment re upgrade pricing problem here:

If you’ve not done so already, you can get notified of news and announcement automatically by clicking on the little bell at the top right of the news and announcements section. Bottom right in this screen clip:

That way you’ll get notified immediately of announcements like this.

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