New Release: BRSim Designs Beechcraft Bonanza H35 V-Tail


Here you go… I will probably pick this up eventually, but not today… I still only flew the Debonair 1 time, but this looks pretty similar to that so far. Discuss if you have it… Screenshots are awesome. Curious to see if this one is worth having.


Can any Bonanza fan elaborate about the real-life and in-sim differences besides the obvious V-tail?

I can’t really answer this one, unfortunately, but… I DO have this V-Tail Bonanza in P3D, though it’s A2A. Unfortunately, this isn’t A2A - but his last Debonair aircraft was worth picking up for sure.

I’d be curious about how this compares to the Debonair and whether there is difference in the way it flies or just a visual difference in the model - perhaps BR can chime in on this?

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I bought it. I’m not good at writing reviews, but I’m loading it up now. I didn’t know this aircraft was coming. BRSimDesigns doesn’t even have it on his website yet. You do get a discounted price if you have bought the Debonair

From what I can tell, the only difference is visual. Everything else looks exactly the same. (Including the beacon light lighting up the whole cabin at night) I do wish both aircraft had a PMS GTN750 option instead of that other tablet GPS thing.

Is it worth $21 USD? That’ll be a personal decision. I don’t regret the purchase, but you’re basically buying the same aircraft twice. You’ll really only see the V-Tail in external view.

I’m not advanced enough to know if the flight model is different between the two, but I doubt it. The specs on the aircraft selection page are identical.


Thank you for that summary. Hmmm… decisions, decisions.


I bought it, though I realize it may not be worth it even with the discount if there aren’t significant differences under the hood and/or in the flight model. I won’t complain too much since I jumped on it, but really, this should have much cheaper for owners of the B33. 18 EUR isn’t too bad but I feel like 10 USD would have been more fair for an addon that is likely recycling 90% of their last addon.

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When the Debonair came out, a whole lot of people (including me) said they’d be more interested in a V-tail so I can’t blame the developer a bit for “cashing in” there. They also put a lot of work into extensive, rapid fixes for things that were wrong with the initial release of the Debonair, which is very admirable.

I do hope some talented repainters will eventually turn their attention to these two aircraft, as I must say that the included liveries don’t look like any real-life Debonair or Bonanza I’ve ever seen (the fonts for the registration are at least very strange).


Nice little plane, fun to fly and well modeled with some exceptions, for example I found these 4 little arrows at the front flanks a bit incorrect, same with the Debonair 35, may be it’s worth patching. Despite of that both H35 and B35 are my favorite GA aircrafts at the moment :slight_smile:

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How is it(or the debonaire) compared to the stock Bonanza?

It flies very well. Makes Deb seem anemic. Much zippier and handles better, IMO.
It does have this goofy, annoying anomaly of appearing to levitate 3 ft off the ground when you first load it up but when you jump in the cockpit it bounces down to ground level. Forgivable as well as it flies. My$.02 - Take the discount, fire it up and have fun.

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This is my “go-to” youtuber when it comes to video reviews.


Umm… no. The nose is too short and too narrow, like it was stuck into a pencil sharpener. The small rear windows are also too small. The tip tanks are way too blunt. Compare with a real example…


The nose has been too snubby all along since the release of the Debonair, I think. Curious considering that the developer made several other fixes to the geometry of the exterior model.

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Yeah that nose does not look right at all!


It also looks as if the engine cowling is too steep when viewed in side profile, as if the prop spinner is set too low compared to the bottom edge of the side windows. Kudos to the designer for his attempts and willingness to communicate with buyers. BUT, I respectfully suggest his two Beechcraft models need a significant re-design based on drawings of the real ones. I might be very wrong, but it “feels” as though he is doing “freehand” design based on pictures and visual estimation, and thus getting important sight-lines and details wrong. He has ability and talent, but it needs to be honed now in order to reach the potential he is clearly capable of. I wish him well in that quest as it will serve both he and his customers going forward.


In-short this a disappointing release yet again.

First off is the issue with the developer, BRsimDesigns. He doesn’t have a Discord, support forums or anything. He only responds to “paid” customers and no one else.

Second issue is the audio. Both of his creations, DEBONAIR 35 and the BONANZA H35 both feature audio from Asobo not even custom audio he gotten from real life audio capture.

Third issue is a carbon copy. His newest creation the BONANZA H35 is a one to one copy of his DEBONAIR 35 with only of him editing the tail to make it look like a V as seen here by the screenshots.

No idea why he didn’t just bundle both planes together. This is very scummy way to take another 23 euros from people based off of the same plane with nothing new added.

Did anyone buy this plane? Because after watching reviews, I will buy a different V-Tail from another developer.


It may look a lot like the Debbie, but it doesn’t fly like it – the V-tail climbs much, much faster than the Deb. (Whether that’s accurate to life, I can’t say.) I flew the two of them back-to-back (in similar weather, and for roughly the same distance), and it was a very different experience between the two of them. After flying the H35, the Deb felt underpowered and sluggish, until it got up to speed once the climb was finished.

The textures are a bit better in the V as well. Visually, it’s bigger than the Deb (as it should be), but it is pretty similar. I assume it’s the same basic 3-d model with changes, which is fine. The Bonanzas did look very similar to each other, after all.

The knock on it isn’t that it’s a “copy” of the Debbie, because it isn’t. The real knock on it is that there’s not really a huge difference in feel/performance from the stock G36 Bonanza, which everyone already has. The G36 is, of course, quite a bit faster (about 30kts better cruise speed), but that’s about it. Climb rates are pretty similar, as is handling (save for the weight / CG impact of the tip tanks). You’re really paying for the tail, and for not having the full glass cockpit (if that’s your thing, which it appears is the case for a lot of people). Also, if, like me, you’ve kitted up the stock Bo with the turbo mod, it re-fills the NA slot in the hangar. (A side note: FSEconomy does not recognize this as a Bonanza yet.; it does recognize the Debonair as a Debonair.)

I like it. I doubt I’d have bought it without the discount, but I’m not disappointed with the purchase.


It does indeed look very different. I found also many other differences not mentioned here.

The proportions are all wrong.


I didn’t get the Debonair as was hoping we would see a V tail/ Dr Killer released. I am very tempted to pick up. I’m having the annoying forever load issue at most airports (even from clean install) so I am a bit reluctant to pick up any more mods till fixed however I have been after this aircraft and what seeing so far seems good. Think will wait for a few more reviews and hope by then someone made a GTN750 mod so I don’t have to go edit the panel files each update.

Thanks for the above write ups all and I look forward to seeing what else folk have to say!