New Release: dc-designs-pt17-stearman

Thank you for this great bird. She’s a ton of fun to fly. And the sound is really awesome. I also like to mention that the quick views are working as they should. :blush: :+1:

I just wanted to give you some feedback about the strange font you’ve used in the cockpit that looks a bit like “Comic Sans” and the windshield frame. But the aircraft is too much fun to fly so never mind. :rofl:


Just taking out the Stearman for the first flight, it’s a lot of fun so far.
Yet I already have one request, please change the dashboard font to something less “Comic Sans”-looking.

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Windshield frame is already being thinned - the writing is as it was in WW2, generally hand-painted onto the control panel, hence the choice of font for it.


Having a ton of fun with the Stearman this morning. Make sure to turn on the wheel lock when taking off!

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That would have been my guess as well. Would look more authentic to use actual handwritten words instead of some font though. :wink:

But these are minor details. Happy to hear that the windshield gets improved. Now I need to go back flying above Madrid in the sunshine. :blush: :love_you_gesture:

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Just finished my first flight, this plane is fun.
When shutting down I wasn’t able to switch of the NAV light with the mouse, it clicked off and turned right on again. All other switches worked.

does it happen if you switch battery off?

I also noticed the nav lights automatically switch on when turning on the battery and will magically flick back on while trying to turn them off with battery on.

Ok, I had the switch problem on my first flight, but could not reproduce on the consecutive flight. Really odd, not sure, what caused it. I didn’t restart the sim.

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Interesting. Has been happening on all flights for me.

I apologize guys, it is due to a script that has slipped us by mistake, which automatically turns on the navigation lights when the battery is on. We have located it and we will remove it.

I hope it doesn’t bother you too much. It was not our intention


No worries at all! These things happen :wink:
Hasn’t really bothered me at all, why I hadn’t mentioned it earlier (completely slipped my mind I’ve been having so much fun), but seeing someone else having the issue I thought I would chime in :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I prefer to tell you as quickly as possible, so that you won’t think you had a bug or something like that. it is a line of code that should not be there, thanks for the understanding


All good mate! Thanks for the prompt response.

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Since you have a paint kit available, I would be inclined to offer a complimentary purchase to Jan Kees Blom as he has produced some stunning biplane liveries over the years. :grinning:

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This thing does rolls and loops :laughing:


This is a cool aerobatic display by a stearman (piloted by John Mohr.) Has been sitting in my saved videos for years. Knew there would be time to pull it out again :laughing:


I’ll tell you the truth, to make the plane we have relied on the manual: Pilot’s Handbook for Model N2S-4 Airplanes. I would say it is a manual over 80 years old. We are talking about an airplane that is historical and that today is practically not maintained with original parts. So trying to find the configuration of the original plane has been quite a challenge. We have also reviewed documentation of Captain Billy Walker, and videos of John Mohr doing Aerobatics. I don’t know to what extent we have been able to do it well or badly, but we have put a lot of effort into it. of course she has put us to the limit. I really hope you enjoy it.

i was about to put this video as example!!! Exactly the minute 7:37! :smiley:


After having bought some real disappointments this Stearman is wonderful. I fly Vr only in a 6dof motion simulator with buttkickers and fans (wind simulation). This is the best experience I have had since first booting the game.
Oh… and the sound effects rock…

The tail lock works but I do not see it modeled in the cockpit…
What is the control lock suppose to do??

Anyway a great deal for $15… :+1: :+1: :+1:


Glad you’re enjoying it! :slight_smile:

The control lock is animated in case we have a control lock provided for MSFS ( the Stearman has one you see ). It doesn’t work yet, but I felt it was wise to get it ready for future updates.

Tail lock wasn’t modelled into the cockpit, but I think that I might add it along with the aesthetic improvements to the windshield - who’d have thought a bit of framing would become so important? :slight_smile: