New Release: EMB200 Ipanema Crop Duster

Anyone got this?

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Driving right now. Will buy tonight.


OMG you Legend. I look forward to the review :slight_smile:


It’s good. But I can’t get the statics to show up. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction soon, I messaged the developer on FB as well. Edit: Found it! Small red buttons between Aux pump and cabin air switch!

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If the developer reads the comments, the SimMarket choice of pics is terrible, only images of the plane were taken in extremely yellow sunset lights, no image of the cockpit beside the main panel, not a single image of the airplane without that yellow sunset light… hmmmm that does not spark confidence.


I don’t get why devs sometimes pick such terrible pics to show off their product. But anyway, I just got home. Gonna put my daughter to bed then buy this thing and see what this is all about. And see those new cropduster effects they are talking about.


Thanks for being on top of things Jeremy! If you deem it “ok to buy” then im gonna pick this one up!!

Found their facebook with some more photos and video for those interested! BRsim Designs - Home | Facebook

Without particle effects, a crop duster is nothing more than another Extra with more pipes hanging off of it. Back in the FS9 days, I got one of the leading XML gurus to write an invisible gauge that turned on the smoke when the aircraft was in the air and the brakes were engaged. Since the brakes were set to the trigger of most sticks by default, it was easy to control either airshow smoke on an aerobatic plane or the crop spray from one of these. I may even still have the code stored away somewhere…


Well, apparently, the spray system uses the particle effects, so we will see. I am installing right now.


never buy a car at night - and all of those screenshots are in the dark

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Terrible promotional pics but trust me when I say this is Carenado or beyond visually. It looks REALLY good.


I’ll wait to see a daylight image of it though nonetheless

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I am gonna try to find the video on how to operate static elements and fill the chemical tank. None of it seems to work and the documentation is EXTREMELY light (basically a checklist and a reference table). There is a checklist in-sim, but in terms of how to enable and disable static elements (whatever those are) and how to fill the chem tank, it’s all empty. I have plenty of screenshots coming in a few mins.


I am curious about this aspect…for a different reason. I want the airshow smoke in a bad way - lol

also - Alabeo (carenado) made a couple of really nice dusters for FSX back when - the Cessna Agwagon and the Piper Pawnee, along with a nice little grass strip called Cottonwood IL57. I would love to have those all back and uprated for MSFS

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You’ll need to meet the criteria and then click the small red buttons between the aux pump and cabin air. They did a very bad job of explaining it, the text is tiny by those buttons.

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Unfortunately (but somewhat realistically for chemicals) the fume trails are very short.

if they can be made to show at all then there must be a way to lengthen duration - just as in FSX - there are always parameters I think…and the necessary texture file(s)

There was a lot of variety in FSX - best show smoke was made for the Iris Simulations Christen Eagle but some others were nice too. Best duster smoke was by GAS for their Stearman 450hp Duster.

This could also open the door for Cal Fire air attack services and aircraft

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I’m sure they will make them stick around longer in the future if needed. The VFX system is very new and the promised video and documentation from MSFS on how to use it was never released. I’m surprised they have working effects honestly

OK. This is pretty good…

Everything is done really well, it looks like MSFS and the standard is pretty high. It’s a weird-looking little plane, but I can’t complain about anything here. The buttons for Static Elements and Refill Chemical Tank are on the panel but look like lights and are easy to miss. Unfortunately, the documentation is very poor. (Also, the max altitude in the sim doesn’t match what’s actually in the documentation)… Can’t open doors or windows. Static elements can be seen in the screenshot. You can see them chemical trails in the screenshot. The level gauge seems to work as well! Comes with 4 liveries.

Pretty decent. Nothing to complain about, everything seems to work well.

Ground control on this thing is pretty bad - the rudder is SUPER twitchy and sensitive. You gotta take it slow and be careful. Especially on takeoff. It seems to really high-powered for this type of aircraft and it’s really hard to bleed off speed. Flap deployment is at no higher than 80 knots, but good luck getting it down to that if your throttle is at idle and you are in any kind of descent. Stalls and wing drops work properly. I do question the crazy climb power this thing gets and just how fast it seems to be for that type of engine. I have to look at numbers more…

This is a solid effort. I haven’t heard of this developer before, but there really isn’t that much to worry about other than the stuff about twitchiness and flight characteristics I have mentioned. It’s a VERY simple aircraft, but everything seems to work as intended. I can’t really see myself flying this very often, but… if you are into agricultural aircraft, this is for you. The chemical spray gets the job done, I suppose - the spray trails DO seem a little short, but I am totally willing to look past that.

No complaints here. It IS a pretty niche machine, though, so… go for it. $23 is not too bad for what it is. And the chemical spray is the first we see of its kind in the sim.