New Release : FlyingIron Simulations Spitfire L.F Mk IXc

Any thoughts and feedback? Watched a preview video yesterday and was pleased with what I saw!

Cost converted from AUD is around 20GBP / 27USD

10 Likes video for anyone interested :+1:


I am also interested - but to be fair I pulled the trigger and I am downloading it now. 1.5GB! - will report back


I beta tested for this product. Really phenomenal in the model and texturing quality department. Systems are at an Aerosoft level and will be continued to be improved upon. Flight model is very realistic as well. The two devs are passionate guys with quality in mind as well as a thoughtful beta testing team. I’d say it’s worth the 27 USD :slight_smile:


Thanks! Looking forward to flying it this evening

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There have been a couple of preview videos from Youtubers that I trust. They tried not to review it as it wasn’t final release, but it was easy to tell they really liked it and that the quality was through the roof. Should be an easy purchase decision for anyone with anything more than a passing interest in old warbirds.


Amazing! Tried just now. Works great. Can’t comment on accuracy of flight mechanics because … well… I would have no clue! It does feel very different from anything in MSFS so far, the interior is great and I notice no issue in performance. The only issue is that of course the first thing you do is fly over the cliffs of Dover, which are really badly optimised and take ages to load, glitch etc! No fault of the Spitfire model though!

Will this be available on the marketplace today or only via FlyingIron’s website?

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It’s on their website. Available now;

I’m just waiting on a couple of trusted guys on the Sim Outhouse to give it the thumbs up after flying it and I’m buying it.

Went flying with a mate. 2 other spits joined us. Screenshots followed.

The original pair: Shredmetal#7077, LordGazareth

The two guys who joined us: zaki87#5026, shoushki (no idea who you are but thanks for helping the photoshoot!)


Gonna be buying this in about 30 mins. Can’t wait!

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How is the flight model ?
I hope, better than the XP 11 version

It’s a bit docile compared to the DCS spit Mk IX. It doesn’t flutter and snap into a vicious spin when you pull too hard.

Fitting to release this on the 85th anniversary of the first flight of the Spitfire :+1:. I’ve done a short flight and was very happy with my purchase. Looking forward to spending more time with it later today!

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Bought it, flew it, a total no brainer if you have any soul for this type of aircraft. Superb sounds and visuals, flies well in and out of VR.


It’s going to be hard to get any trustworthy judgements on the flight model. This isn’t a Cessna or Piper that lots of simmers have flown in real life and can comment on the accuracy. Extremely few people in the community will have flown a Spitfire to the extent that they can offer a reputable opinion on the accuracy of its flight model.


looks brill & just my sort of thing,
just awaiting Sim update coming next week if performance improved in VR then i’ll start buying stuff

holding off with msfs2020 in the meantime

Thank you
Do you own the X-Plane 11 Spitfire or the DCS World Spitfire?

Well, I’m off to purchase this. I think the first flight will be from Headcorn Aerodrome,

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New spitfire over Kent, great product!

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