New Release: FlySimWare's Grumman G-44A Widgeon Seaplane

We are still in that period where releases are typically existing planes “ported” over. They have this already for FSX, and P3D.

That’s why I look forward to seeing new things from smaller developers that don’t have that pedigree to lean on. New things are more exciting, not re-hashes for a new platform.

That said, if this is any good I’ll definitely get it.

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As far as I can see, it’s the old FSX/P3D model that has been upgraded to native MSFS. It still has a few bugs (zoom out and tie down ropes and chocks appear for instance), which I hope they’ll sort in the future. Not a top of the line model, but this is my kind of aircraft…I’d rather have this than a perfectly modelled 172 or 747. I guess that’s just me…

jk5398 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

jk5370 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr

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Once again, great and honest review… Thanks for posting, I wont be buying until its fixed. W e have had 3 great aircraft this week at least!

But it is a poor show when basic instruments do not work. I just never know if it is the sim/sdk or just plain lazy devs.

I dont have an issue with ports, but I do have an issue with lazy ones.


I don’t either - as long as it’s reflected in the price.

I can do my own ports for free - and have done several dozen - if I’m going to pay, it’s for genuine 2020 models. Of course, if the job they have done is outstanding, that’s fine. Trouble is, most aren’t.


The amount of Captain Scammers coming out of the woodworks to grab for the MSFS cashflow is astounding.


Could be it DOES actually work but doesn’t go below zero. Your Kollsman window shows 28.00. Set your QNH and it “should” probably work.

I won’t comment the rest…

It was set. Unless the B key also didn’t set it properly?

In the screenshot it shows 28.00, that‘s what I mean. But if you pressed B then I guess it‘s broken ^^

Yeah, I definitely always do. Plus, the developer said that some gauges don’t work. There may be a new version out. Just got home, so I will check it out and double check the QNH.

Dont worry guys, FSW are one of the best in P3D. Their P3D Falcon 50 and Learjet 35A were great.
Im sure they will get this plane to that same level. They were clear that this was a Beta/Early access product anyway. Expect a lot of patches to come quickly to fix issues.

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I’m not concerned that the aircraft systems and instruments will be fixed - but I don’t think flysimware will improve the model itself.
I had this boat in FSX and it’s fine for that sim.
This is a straight port and not worth more than I paid for the A1R Ryan STA

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Version 1.3 Beta is out - the great news is that the instruments (besides the Hobbs meter) have been fixed.


ThanksGreat review as usual. Many thanks saving me $

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The inside looks awful, thanks for the pictures, Jeremy.

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Awful? In what way? I thought the texture/model look good. Edit: Oops. Wrong plane. Was thinking of crop duster. Too many new places. :wink:

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this comes across as a low effort cash grab like we see too often in this sim these days. $30 isnt bad for a well crafted airplane, but this doesnt even appear to have had basic rudimentary QA testing done on it. A direct port of an old model into a new sim, no checking that things are functional? well, at least it got the all important GPS installed, so we know its a msfs plane- cant release in this sim without it!
Seriously, releasing something at this price with such low modelling quality and minimal playtesting is simply an insulting disregard for the consumers. If this is indicative of their quality before they have my money, why should i expect anything better after they have it. This ones a hard pass for me, its another to join the ranks of bredok3d and mscenery

the crop duster, on the other hand…im not sure what to make of it. i just dont know how it would fit into the flying that i typically do, which is admittedly GA heavy but im not out dusting crops, so im not sure what id do with it


To be fair, this is better than Bredok and MScenery. The bugs will be fixed and the company doesn’t have a bad reputation among P3D users. Unfortunately, it looks like they didn’t make the effort of upgrading the visuals in terms of cockpit/interior quality. The exterior looks passable. It is also unfortunate that even as a beta something with pretty glaring issues made the release.

Flysimware released too early and is now getting a bad reputation among those who don’t know them from P3D.
I’m a bit confused why they did that but still I’m sure they will bring the aircraft to P3D level. The question is if this is enough effort. For me the answer is yes and I will buy it then. It will give me the same aircraft I enjoy in P3D.
Is it enough for simmers who don’t know the older sims? I’m not sure.


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look at the quality of other aircraft at the pricepoint, regardless of how good they may have been in P3D this is a sloppy release for MSFS.

before charging what they chose to set the price at, i dont think bringing it to P3D level is enough. bringing it to MSFS level is.
as a baseline, compare just about any given carenado aircraft , which are all uniformly at about the same price point

i dont believe this should be free- the dev deserves to get paid for their work, but not what they asked for it. with that price tag comes certain expectations this example fails to meet


You do have a good point. I don’t know if “P3D level” is a good benchmark right now. Perhaps when it comes to systems when you are talking about complex aircraft… Yes, that’s one area P3D excels at and it’s definitely valid to talk about that when it comes to say… PMDG’s 737. Will it be on P3D level system-wise? But this is not a complex aircraft and when visually the thing just isn’t great at all? P3D is not a benchmark. This is the same reason GAS went back to P3D and FSX after trying to get into MSFS. It just isn’t good enough for this new sim. When you bring up Carenado, it’s a good example. All their aircraft for MSFS has been on a whole level above what they did in P3D. Visually, you can’t even compare it. They never offered complex systems - in ANYTHING. BUT… when it comes to how it looks, they certainly stepped up their game from P3D. That’s a good approach.

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