New Release: Just Flight PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV

Now available for download from Just Flight:

I thought this deserved its own topic, as it’s a separate package from the normally aspirated Arrow, and I assume that there might be separate features, performance, or issues that people would want to discuss without confusing which version they were talking about.

The package includes two versions, the III and IV, with both a low and high tail. Performance is very similar between the two. Went for a quick flight in Italy this morning and the climb performance at altitude was really nice for getting up to 12,000 feet to clear the mountains.

Note that there’s a discount (66%) if you own the regular JF Arrow, or 25% if you own the Turbo Arrow for MSFS/P3D. I had the latter package and bought the Turbo this morning.


Overall, looks really good, and really nice systems and flight model in my limited flying so far.

Overall, there’s a lot of really impressive work here.

Because it’s the Internet, there needs to be at least one complaint, so I have to say the cockpit is a little disappointing in VR: The mechanical numeric displays have a very flat, 2D feel to them where there should be a slight dimensionality. But that’s the only thing I can see right now that I’d love to see improved.


Here’s the Turbo Arrow III version.

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Flying the IV right now at 20,000 feet to Algiers! This is phenomenal as is their Arrow III. No need for me to do a separate review on this, everything about the Arrow III applies here. It’s one of the best GA releases for MSFS.


It was not obvious to me, when I went to Purchase the Turbo, h how to get the discount for having already purchased the 2020 regular arrow.

Any suggestions / advice since you managed to do this ?

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If you go to your JustFlight account and downloads, scroll down and you will find a code and a link to put the Turbo version in your basket.

Then at checkout you can use any points you have with them as well as the 66% you from the using the code.


I bought my through just flight website you go to your purchases, you see the Arrow you bought and it gives you a discount code…and a link to put turbo into the cart…add the coupon code for 66% discount. With the discount and points (previous purchases from just flight) it cost me £6…no brainer to purchase the turbo.


Thanks — got the discount :slight_smile:


Just tried both turbo arrows and they are awesome. Great product. And the normal arrow is updated and working great. Definitely worth the money for this.

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Buyers of the normally aspirated Arrow III should have received an email with the discount instructions. At least I did. It’s possible that it ended up in the spam folder for some.

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My initial regrets at buying the Carenado Arrow (because 8 billion repaints for the JF and 0 for the Carenado) are now gone. The cockpits are so different (because the JF models an older Arrow) that having both is a more differentiated experience than just having both JF packages.


I paid $13 for the turbos with all discounts

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Tested with level flight at 14,300’ by the altimeter (no idea what the pressure altitude was) with 2475 rpm manifold 38 inches, mixture 22% (just rich of peak) … so a tiny smidgeon under max rpm and manifold

I was getting an IAS of 140 kts (according to ASI) and a TAS of 175 kts (according to tablet) .

The TAS matched the GPS which reported groundspeed of 170 kts with a 5 knot headwind.

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Seems very nice and just 12€ for me.

I just hope somebody makes the black cockpit for the Turbo too, because I find it much nicer. Actually could the file already it be used?

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It might work, but I think some of the labels in the texture are different for the Turbo variants.
You can place a repaint request at if you like, making a black variant should be pretty easy for those doing the various interior repaints.

Am I going Crazy ??

In the JF Turbo arrow, I reduce Mixture from RICH (full forward) to Lean, and my Gallons/hour INCREASES ??

BUG, or am I missing something subtle here ???

I think that’s just the quirks of MSFS simulation.
The whole mixture-FF-EGT interaction is still not correct at least I saw that happen with the G36 as well.
In the Arrow you have to lean to less than 20% mixture to get the required fuel flow for a cruise setup, that’s far too low.

Yes, but it is REVERSED … I lean, and Fuel Flow INCREASES !

And i cannot get anywhere near even 14,000ft without the engine dying … Almost as if it were not a turbo !! (more like a C172 !!! )

Is there a HIDDEN turbo switch I am not seeing ?? :worried:

Hmm for me the FF increases only in the higher mixture levels but then starts dropping when going down below 40% at least (from what I remember).
Yesterday I was at 15.000ft and was flying with the 75% power cruise setup using the fuel flow gauge.

What’s your manifold pressure in your scenario? And which OAT? Did you check what the POH says for your conditions?

Glad to be of service.
Converted all my previous interiors (grey, blue, beige and red) as well as the four instrument panels (red, black, beige and grey) for use with both Turbo Arrows. You can have each of those with a black cockpit panel. If you wish can also just copy the black panel and use the stock interior.