New Release: MScenery McDonnell Douglas FA-18C Hornet

Oh boy…


I am gonna get this later today to take a look, but… judging by the price and the dark cockpit screenshots, I am not expecting anything good. I am going to take a preliminary shot and say it’s gonna be like a Bredok3D release. In fact, probably worse. It says “minimum animated 3D cockpit” and they used someone else’s freeware model for the aircraft, so don’t expect this to be anything special AT ALL. They probably figured since Bredok3D’s stuff is selling so well, why not us? So they cut even more corners and priced it even cheaper. It will probably outsell Bredok. Unfortunately, we are bound to see more and more of this show up.


they used someone else’s freeware model for the aircraft

Well no, he or she paid 49 USD for it. It’s this model:

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OK… cool. Still not something they created… but I will give it a shot. Just bought and downloaded but have a few things to do for work before I can test.

First you dismiss it, then you still go ahead and purchase it?

You’re your own worst enemy.


I’ll wait for a really good rendition of jets. At the moment, I’m on the fence about DC Designs, especially since there’s a fourth party here on the same boards that’s been running an Improvement Mod in parallel with the F-15, which sort of begs the question about how close that model can really be with what appears to be a huge Mod effort hot on the heels of every release.

I’d rather just have the aircraft, whatever it is, as a singular creation with as little modding as required. So, back to waiting on IndiaFoxEcho and the T-45, and perhaps, perhaps at some point, the M-346.

I am not my own worst enemy. I have every aircraft that was released for this platform and it will remain so. I don’t ever complain about spending that money. It is what it is… but I will give everything a shot and provide a review of sorts so that others who DO have a limited budget on purchases can make an informed decision. But I like to test things first-hand and am fortunate to be able to do that.


Review coming in a few minutes.


Please tell us more about the flight model
That’s the most important thing, I guess
Thank you

Where can I begin? In the words of the mighty Spinal Tap review, it can be summarized just as eloquently - “■■■■ sandwich”…

The external model is passable enough for some screenshots (see above)…

Everything else? Hard to say, cause nothing works… It flies. How good? No idea - no working instruments in the cockpit to tell. Not one display works, not one switch is clickable. The only way to fire it up is Ctrl-E. No HUD, no displays, not even the analog gauges work at all, as you can see in the screenshots. No afterburners, no stick movements in the cockpit if you are controlling it. You get nothing. It’s a screenshot aircraft, and even with that - you have no afterburners, so… ■■■■-sandwich it is.

MScenery is yet another blight on the face of the 3rd party aircraft scene in MSFS.


How does it " feel " when roll / pitch , etc ??

Highly detailed model, fully animated (3D cockpit minimum animated)

Did they make this solely for use in external view or something? Wow.

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MScenery are the same clowns ripping Google Maps photogrammetry and selling it on Simmarket. They don’t optimize it at all, no LODs, and it will destroy your framerate like the most raw freeware photogrammetry rips from around MSFS launch. Likely not in any way licensed to be able to resell the stuff.

Shame on Mscenery for the ■■■■ they peddle, but also on Simmarket for consistently being willing to hock whatever broken ■■■■ they think people will buy.


Yikes. I work too hard for the little money I have to spend it on that. Thanks for being the trial user, but I feel bad for you man! That thing is, wow, there are no polite words if that’s the case…


It’s hard to talk about the flight model other than… it flies. No way to tell how well or what the numbers are cause the cockpit doesn’t work. And I am NOT doing an instrument HUD in external view. :wink: I haven’t attempted to land it either - I only had literally 5 minutes before I had to leave for work, so… To be honest, I am not at all interested in even landing it because I can’t tell anything in terms of anything. It’s $14 cup of “virtual coffee” that was good for a laugh. All it provides is disdain for whoever develops this. If this was freeware, whatever (though I have never downloaded freeware aircraft that don’t have working cockpits)… And to me, $14 is nothing, so I am not too sad. But the very fact that MScenery has the audacity to sell this junk is puzzling. I guess the bar has been lowered yet again? Bredok3D is no longer the biggest joke? I don’t know. :wink: Those are MY conclusions and opinions. Everyone is welcome to have their own.


Hey, don’t feel sorry for me. I do this on purpose. I have a decent budget, so I don’t mind buying ONE so that I can save some others from spending money they don’t have. When a new aircraft comes, you can always get a few screenshots and my opinion (for whatever it’s worth), usually on the day of release.


When I get back from the office, I will do another test and try to fly it and measure it visually. I honestly didn’t have time and was a bit put off by NOTHING working, so my initial reaction was “whatever, it’s time to go drop by the office for a few hours…” :joy:

I’d better have a beer in the pub, instead of flying this junk :slight_smile:
No matter what, I’ll have a beer ( like this guy )

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Double decker bus hits man in Reading

Respectfully I hope he fully recovered. On a more tongue-in-cheek note, his situation seems to be more a Cyberpunk 2077 player on Last Gen Consoles. (Ba Dum Tish).

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He did recover, I’ve read…
Luckiest guy alive

It now looks like it’s been removed from SimMarket?