New Release: NextGen Simulations' Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante


New Turboprop!
Downloading now… Will post a review and screenshots later today. Cheers!


Looking forward to see your impressions. I am thinking about getting it as well.

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I have this weird knocking sound in cockpit and i cant turn it off, anyone else having this problem ? Other than that seems to be good aircraft, similiar to default planes…


Woody Woodpeckers Unite…

I don’t really know what happened, but as of right now this thing is disappointing.

  1. As soon as you load up either cold and dark or on runway, there are two woodpeckers knocking on something right above your head. If you disengage the parking brake, one of them dies. The other one is immortal. This knocking sound will persist the entire flight. I think I will have the woodpeckers haunting my nightmares.

  2. What is that THING? That THING behind the captain’s seat? It’s a blurry carpet of some sort that’s used as a separator between the cockpit and the cabin? It’s straight out of 1998. For the love of god, fix it, please. Or put something else there. Or take it away. SOMETHING. It’s REALLY low-res and spoils otherwise passable graphic quality of this aircraft.

  3. The exterior model is gorgeous. The interior is pretty well done. It’s no Carenado or Asobo, or Aerosoft for that matter, but… it’s fine. But I have a small issue with how STERILE everything is - for an aircraft produced in the 70s and the LAST ONE being produced in 1990, the textures have absolutely no wear on them. It’s like it just rolled off the production line. It may be a design choice, but it takes me out of the experience a little bit.

  4. It hand-flies pretty well. A little touchy on banking, but it’s pretty good in terms of that.

  5. Which cannot be said for the Autopilot. For one, the autopilot is located down below on the right… towards you from the throttles. That makes it a PAIN to operate because you gotta take your sights all the way down to your waist to operate it. It’s an unfortunate placement. If that’s how it is in a real one, it’s… a curious design. But I am not gonna hold this against the developers. But I was fighting with the autopilot the entire way. It seems to not work consistently when arming VS mode. The fact that you gotta hand fly it while screwing around with the autopilot that’s wonky makes it a challenge.

  6. The prop levers seem to not affect RPM. You can see that in my shots above - RPM is at almost 100% when the prop lever is in the 80s… or in the 30s. The only thing that seems to lower it is reducing thrust via the throttle.

  7. I forgot to disengage the left starter. Yes, it’s a pilot error. But that made me lose avionics half-way through the flight. Gens were on… But once I turned off the starter, my avionics came back. Oops.

  8. The clickspot to power up the EFB is REALLY small and weird. There is not any OBVIOUS place, but you have to click on the very edge of the iPad to turn it on. Whatever, no biggie.

  9. The sounds on this thing are irritating. They are tinny and sound like a low-powered vacuum cleaner. I don’t know what the real thing sounds like but… it’s bad both on the outside and the inside.

  10. Weather radar is off and INOP. Figures.

  11. Night lights in the cockpit are nice, but outside illumination of the pavement is pretty dim.

  12. Gauges are SMALL. Fonts on them are even smaller. They are REALLY hard to read. Just like Virtualcol’s. I guess… it is what it is. That’s the cockpit.

  13. Avionics are Garmin GNS530, default.

  14. It has potential, but those glaring issues with sound and that THING behind me need to be addressed.

Overall, I find this one to be better than Virtualcol Beech 99. But not as good as Carenado’s stuff. It doesn’t hold the candle to Carenado visually, but it’s not ugly (other than that THING behind your back)…

The sounds and the autopilot and that THING behind me make this a pretty annoying experience right now and for $37 US dollars? I am not impressed. Sorry. I really wanted to like it more, but the woodpeckers, man… They are brutal! The woodpeckers ganged up on me the whole time and… oh… NO! MAKE THEM STOP!

I didn’t have time to really dig deep with the systems yet. I just wanted the woodpeckers to stop so I didn’t even shoot an ILS approach yet. I just wanted to get it down to the ground. That’s what I got so far.

Your mileage may vary.


Thanks for sharing, I will hold off on purchasing for now.


yes, driving me crazy

Our ‘impressions’ ,for what they’re worth.
This new arrival to our Beloved Sim reminds us of a fairly average FSX rendition.

There’s little definition in the cabin seats and the beige cockpit panels, Cockpit seats are lacking in the polycount and the screws and dials have a very repetitive model & texturing. The texturing/lighting overall make the whole interior look flat. There’s absolutely no dirt, scruffs or wear and tear anywhere.

I’ve tried to post my criticisms on the developers blog but that didn’t get approved for publishing.

Yeah, this reeks of FSX quality here. (But you could see that from the posted screenshots from the developer too, no need to buy it to make your mind up about that ;))

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It’s also sold as a “BANDEIRANTE”, not an Embrear. So this looks like some unlicensed nonsense.

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Model looks “off”… this doesn’t look VR worthy in any way… no details etc. Ill stick with my study level spitfire.

Full name of the aircraft is Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante


Sound bug is now fixed, download installer again from simmarket and install.

I don’t think you got the gist of my post.

The Embrear brand name is not mentioned on the Simmarket page, suggesting the developer does not have a license to sell it as such.

This Guy says it better than we can.


So much concern over the visuals like you guys are buying a couch cushion…what about flight dynamics? How does cruise and climb compare the factory charts? How is single engine out operation going? Altitude vs torque/itt? You know…airplane stuff.


We just read ‘Gripper’s’ Review of the CRJ and were also surprised to find that the Passenger Cabin of this Aerosoft creation is Ported over from X Plane 11 / FSX.

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I will test more of the technical aspects later today now that the woodpeckers are dead. But as I posted yesterday, I see an issue with RPM not decreasing with prop levers.

Man, the issue is that 3rd party devs realize how starved the userbase is for content. So they’re just putting things out as fast as they can to take advantage of the situation and cash out. This “rush” ends up resulting in devs cutting corners and in some cases downright scamming people for a quick buck.

Looking forward to when this rush period ends and devs start taking their time and giving us fleshed out addons.


Thanks for taking the time to do this research.
We’re certain that there will be many Simmers who will be more than happy with this Aircraft and Credit where Credit’s Due should go to it’s Creator.
We can’t begin to understand the knowledge that is needed to bring these Aircraft to our Sim and this is why we follow the Reviews of new Aircraft and Scenery avidly.
Talented People such as Squirrel, FilbertFlies, Pilot Studd and many others have helped us to make sensible Purchases n the Past and we’re so pleased to see that our favourite Reviewer Froogle has begun Posting once more.

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