New Release: ORBX Blackwing BW 635RG

Thanks again. yeah, didn’t think the Aircraft Manager would be the problem either.

Does anyone also have Stripr from Parrell42 installed and no seeing the issue?

I uninstalled that prior to SU15 update just in case of issues but I know it does some fairly major rework of the loading screens. I can’t see how that would affect the G3X but I’m not ruling anything out.

All community mods have been removed, so guess I’ll have to go through the Marketplace stuff as well.

I’ve managed to resolve the issue. One of my Marketplace purchases seems to be causing a conflict. I’ll update this post once I’ve figured out which one it is.


Turns out the conflict was caused by the RPSimulations Tucano purchased from the Marketplace.

Why, I have no idea as it doesn’t even use a G3X.


Good job!

It doesn’t have to use the full G3X, just a common file that overrides the base G3X is enough to break it. You should let the developer know, and provide the evidence that they can use to replicate the issue, as it seems fairly serious.
Dev posted here about a Discord server, probably the best bet: RELEASED: Embraer EMB-312 Tucano - #33 by Seara1977

Edit: I see you already posted there, great! I’d still hit the Discord up though.

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No problem. I’ve also contacted the dev directly. They are generally pretty responsive.

I hope they get it fixed as the Blackwing and Tucano are my two most often flown aircraft.

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I’ve raised a more formal bug report for this, hopefully others will comment if see on other aircraft

Orbx have just answered my question on Facebook regarding a G3X update for the Blackwing:

We are still reviewing updates for the Blackwing and will update the community once we have further details.

Kind of a non-answer :man_shrugging:

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Yep. That’s what I got when chatting to them about the G3X breakage as well.

Kind of used to it from devs….keep the carrot dangled just far enough away that we maintain interest but not close enough to taste or smell it :roll_eyes:

I think this is a real problem for devs. They’ve already made their money on the blackwing, and sales are probably slow to nil at this point. Dumping more time/money into it might not make sense, with 2024 on the horizon and certainly new projects in the pipeline hogging very limited resources.

It is a business after all, and if nobody made any money, none of us would benefit from neat new aircraft, or even have simulator software to use. I’m betting they update it at some point, but they just aren’t in a hurry to get it done.

With a few exceptions. This does seem to be the general issue with the MSFS ecosystem.

Expect to get maybe 6 months of updates after that consider anything you buy to be abandonware.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the devs reduced the price over time but it seems a lot are the same price as if they are when first realised.

I do my best to wait for a sale now (and avoid marketplace purchases) unless something is very time sensitive.

They will probably close shop before ever needing to updade a plane. Both Orbx and Aerosoft have all the signs of a company that is going to be closed soon.

What makes you say that?

On the aircraft side I’d agree but scenery they seem to be releasing like there is no tomorrow for both msfs and xplane.

They even have the scenery for DCS in the works.

I have no problem with their scenery addons but I won’t go near them for any aircraft purchases.

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I agree it seems like a hard business decision at first to release a new plane and then continuously update it, although most potential buyers have already paid for their copy. But then I look at a dev like HPG or FSReborn who constantly update their planes. I am so impressed by their dedication and the quality of their work that I will buy anything they release in the future. Whereas I surely will not buy any new Orbx plane … So which business strategy is better in the end?


Updates may have little financial payback on the aircraft being edited but it does set the developer up for the next project. Once word gets out a developer abandons out of date models, customers are reluctant to buy the next one.

Unless the BLACKWING gets updated, I’ll never buy another Orbx product. And I stopped buying Carenado aircraft way back in FSX days because they were notorious for releasing buggy aircraft and at best, one update. I am done with that kind of company.


Completely agree. It’s sours the potential customer relationship.

With a few exceptions I very rarely get aircraft as soon as they are released….often waiting a few months before buying.

The devs just need to factor the cost of ongoing support into the price. If their reputation is good for it, I’m sure players would pay it (within reason).

If not then maybe the decs need to decrease the price over time rather than asking the same for an old aircraft as if it’s new.


Not sure what you are referring to. I would be very surprised if your prediction comes true.

I think it can have an impact on future sales of the current addon. There are always new customers. If I see an addon with the old avionics, and not being updated in a decent time range, it’s a no go for a buy, even on discount. I really hope the BW635 gets an update, it is a nice addon. The only reason I don’t fly it anymore (since a while tbh) is because of the very bad old G3X. The new G3X is great. I’ve had a look on the panel.xml and it does not seem too complicated to update. I’m no expert and don’t have time to dwelve in the sdk but for a dev it’s probably a matter of a few/couple of hours to update. Mostly to learn what is new and it’s not wasted time since it will be used in future products anyway. There is even modders updating some airplanes on .to… And same as you, if Orbx does not update the BW635 it will result in no more future purchases.


Absolutely agree. I hardly ever flew the otherwise wonderful FSReborn Sting S4 because of the old G3X. Now this plane has been elevated to a whole new level with the integration of the Working Title G3X. The Blackwing would profit in the same way, and probably gain some new customers.


At least for Orbx, IniBuilds has been getting a lot of their employees lately. I don’t know any of the details on what is going on or why, but there has been a migration of employees from Orbx to IniBuilds.

If it ends up primarily being aircraft developers that won’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Perhaps ORBX have chosen to focus on scenery give the lack of new aircraft directly from them (Blackwing and PAC 750 being only two I know of) recently.

They look to still be hiring though, for Volanta devs.