New Release: Pilot's Boeing B314 "The Clipper" Flying Boat

That’s awesome, I love clickable doors and things!

The only thing I’ve noticed about the blades and the prop disc is that the blades are tipped in yellow, and the prop disc shows red instead.

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This has already been addressed and is fixed for this next update.



I appreciate the responsiveness. That goes a long way for building trust in my book.


Has the hour meter in the 314A been fixed with the next patch? It takes one hour for the 1/10 roller to go from .0 to .1, at which time the hour rolls over. So it goes for instance:

11.1 etc.

The fix is in testing at the moment, I will know more on Saturday.



Thought I would give you a short progress report on the next update.

If all goes well, we will release the next B-314 update on Saturday. The fix for the issue with the Hobbs is in testing, I will know more in the morning.

The outside exits are now implemented and functional, the VC wing access doors are now also animated, and can be opened from within the VC, see the video below.

There have also been changes to the exterior textures to address some reported anomalies, as well as work on the overall metal appearance.



I am happy to let you all know that PILOT’S B-314 - The Clipper v1.15 is now available!

Numerous items have been addressed, the external exits are now animated and functional, you can open and close them by using the switches on the communications panel, which is situated to the left of the Engineer Panel at the back of the VC.

The VC wing access doors are also animated and can be opened via their respective door handle.

The bug fix I had put in place for the Hobbs meter seems to be working too now, I welcome your feedback on this 2nd update within 2 weeks of our initial release.



Hey Jerome, what is your timeline for submitting the B314 to the Marketplace?

Just flew 1.1.5… Nice.

I noticed the Cockpit escape hatch is not open internally when you can see it’s open on the outside?

Can the Yoke on/off button be moved? It’s current position interferes with the 4 buttons to the left of the yoke, right of the… What do those buttons do? The are labeled “Radio” “Engineer” “Nav” “Door/Steward” and the three buttons on the right have a light over them that activates when you press the button, but I didn’t see anything change when I pressed them. The lights only works when the Master is turned on (which is good). Are they just to say “Hey Buddy, I need you”?

Here’s an updated cameras.cfg for anyone who wants it. I fixed the quickviews to center on the pilot (unfortunately, MSFS no longer supports quickviews to change from the “current” position. Would be nice if they brought back the XYZAdjust=0 function.), fixed the Co-pilot view (You’ll have to bind a key for this one, I use Num+), and “Close Camera (IFR)” (F9) and “Landing Camera” (F11) views, changed the instrument panel views to:
Ctrl-1 - Engineer
Ctrl-2 - Overhead
Ctrl-3 - Gyropilot
Ctrl-4 - Radio Operator
Ctrl-5 - Navigator table and compass
Ctrl-6 - Celestial Hatch
Ctrl-7 - Passenger Second Compartment Left
Ctrl-8 - Passenger Dining Lounge Left
Ctrl-9 - Passenger 3rd Compartment Right
Ctrl-0 - Passenger 4th Compartment Right

cameras.cfg.txt (28.6 KB)
Backup the original in each of the SimObjects\Airplanes* planes, copy this file to each of those planes, renaming it to cameras.cfg.

I’m open to other configurations. I’m still learning the camera system here.

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Based on all of the historical photographs I’ve looked at online, the 314 does not look like it has exposed rivets on any of the exterior assembled body panels. This suggests that the original texturing of the Pilots 314 was more accurate than the update.

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My thoughts, too… I liked the v1.1 textures.

however, there is this picture in the manual which show rivets quite clearly.

rivets boeing


If you look at p120 (I think) in the Aircraft Manual it shows a rivetter at work.

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Nixon, we are planning to submit the B-314 to the MSFS Marketplace in the coming week.



Thanks and no, we do not yet have that modelled in the VC, this will be added in a future update.

Could you please provide screenshots to illustrate this in more detail?

Great stuff, will take a look at this.



The B-314 does have rivets, they are not visible equally on all liveries.

The v1.15 update somehow mixed in some internal experimental textures not yet ready for release. These have now been removed and the v1.15 update package has been refreshed accordingly.



So those rivets were a preview of things to come? I thought they looked really great.

Yes, but not final as such, as they were still an internal experimental version.



I’m going to be totally honest and blunt here, albeit with no intention to cause offence. In fact, the opposite is my intention.

When I first saw this AC I was mildly interested because it was a bit different. I like ‘different’.

Then I saw the comments here and on the other forum and the devs responses and I rapidly decided not to buy this AC. I tend to buy only from devs who are customer friendly. To me (not a RL pilot), the initial product also seemed to be lacking.

Since then I have seen update after update after update for this AC. I have also seen the dev listening to suggestions and giving great responses to customers (I won’t say ‘support’ because this is obviously not allowed under the COC).

My own attitude in response is now also beginning to change. I am thinking of actually buying this AC now myself (maybe after a few more updates though) in the hope of getting a good representation of something a bit different and also to support a now very responsive dev. There does seem a real intention here to improve the product and to support its buyers and this is good to see.

I am also given fresh hope that the Dash 7 which I saw in the video might also be a worthwhile buy too. Now a really good Dash 7 would be a thing of beauty and right up my street. Not too bothered about cost either for a premium version.

Anyway, really looking forward now to seeing good things happening here and to buying at least another couple of AC :+1:t2:


My comms window goes crazy when I load this plane at a sea base (eg NY or Auckland). Clicking on the menu items (eg select frequency) within the comms window has no effect and it looks like random keystrokes are being sent to it . Is anyone else experiencing this? Other aircraft work fine and I can interact with ATC without issue.