New Release Red Wings Super Constellation

read the tread in discord,
glad DK has the patience and take the time to help :+1:

so i hope you get it right now,happy flying :smiley:…

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Yeah there are definitely steps that I am not doing straight by the manual. Especially for BMEP settings in the climb as I am still learning this beautiful aircraft. Cruise I can dial those in pretty well and accurately. But it definitely works just fine to climb climb climb. Very rewarding to get the muscle memory down and where to go to in the cockpit. Custom saved views are key to move around the aircraft. Enjoy!!

How do you figure that? Tons of planes released a long time ago will undoubtedly come to xbox once/if they release wasm support.

Stil loving this beauty. Burbank KBUR is where I like flying it from most.


Considering buying this aircraft now its been developed a lot more.
Is it a long learning curve to learn the system and fly the aircraft?Is it hard to fly?

Yes it is quite hard to fly and that’s what makes it so interesting. The good news is that you have an automated flight engineer, automated copilot and even automated pilot at your disposal for help. For some people it makes sense to fly the pilot role and let the AIs handle the other positions. Others prefer to do it all.

To give you an idea the fuel system is like a puzzle game inside a plane, it has a lot of different possible setups and choosing the right one at the right phase of flight is very entertaining but if you are busy you can just delegate to the AI FE.


This plane can be easy or difficult to fly. You can choose between easy, medium or realistic on the EFB. It is also possible to choose pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer assistanse if wanted. So the plane suits a lot of different needs. If you like the type of plane, this is really worth it.


Thankyou very much for info.

I agree. If you can manage the DC-6, you can probably manage the Constellation as well.

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