New runway at KTYS Knoxville - How to activate?

Hi all. My local airport has just opened a new runway and taxiways. Is there any way to make it work in the sim?


Either Asobo or a third party will have to develop a new model. You can do it yourself via the SDK. But there is a learning curve.

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I grew up in East Tennessee not far from the airport and used to love to watch the KC-135’s flying around all the time. Nice to see newly-extended runway was re-opened this past week.

I’d suggest making a post about the new issue here in the Airports bugs forum, and then making a formal report on Zendesk so they can put the airport on the list to fix/re-model when they get around next to updating airports.

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The runway won’t appear until Bing Maps updates the sat photo data, and it gets ingested into the sim World, which is several distinct steps and teams.

The primary key to airport modeling is still visual, so if the underlying maps don’t show the runway, it won’t appear since most of it is automated given the number of airports globally to be rendered.

A custom mod could override it.

There is a requests section on you can post there and hopefully someone will make a scenery of it

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The runway has been under reconstruction for several years. Current Bing maps view:

So at least the first step is complete. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for the direction.

Our friend jimblueaero at has created an addon that enhances numerous airports including KTYS.

Thanks again to all that took the time to reply.

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