New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Hi @SugarDog43,
Well thats a lot of experience there! I hope you will enjoy the sim as much as your flying back in the days.
There are a lot of tutorials on youtube that will bring you a massive amount of info about the G1000.
If you have any specific questions, feel free to check the forum or make a topic yourself.
Have fun building your cockpit and if you like you can post the final result in - Post Your Cockpit Pictures Here - - Self-Service / Home Cockpit Builders - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Take care andmaybe we will see eachother soon in MSFS

Thanks PHJAAP, I intend to take a bunch of tutorials while I’m waiting for my computer to arrive.

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basic student here.
Subscribed mainly to find hints and tricks regarding the recently made available FlightSim 2020 on XBox Series X (with game pass Ultimate).

As a beginner to this sim I am afraid I will not be able to contribute much, if at all, except the occasional like or vote (already used that one up). English isn’t my first language either, so there’s language barrier too, sorry.
I played Flightsims a lot in my youth and took up gaming when I got my hands on a playstation a couple of years ago. Now upgraded to an XBox, playing Ace Combat 7 and space sim game Elite Dangerous mainly.

So far fooling around with a Thrustmaster Hotas One and the orig xbox game controller (the latter for the menues) but now aquired a cheap Logitech K400plus keyboard with touchpad mouse, which worked right from the start in FS2020 (together with the Hotas).
Once I bootet the XBox anew with the Dongle in the front USB slot (and after having turned the keyboard on…).

A bit room for improvement from my side (especially how the plane jerks all over the sky even for minor steering adjustments exept the rudder) which I hope to learn to fix by studying this forum.

I hope that the Hotas sensivity savefile issue will be fixed sometime in the future (which is the one I used my vote for).
BTW, I also considered putting the Ultimate version onto my shopping list, but some of the bugs I read about, especially the Hotas sensivity I experienced myself put me off again. Perhaps later.

As for the future, the Honeycomb Alpha flight control rig for the Xbox I read about in December(?) seems to have been some kind of fata morgana nowadays, but when it appears, I’m into it.


Hi there, I have just bought an Xbox Series S, so that I can use the MSFS. Im in Devon UK and Exeter airport is local to me. I would love to get a Private light aircraft licence but I figure 10k+ is a bit steep for me. The MSFS is so good, really enjoying it, so much to learn…


I’m using an Xbox Series X for my flying. I’d played earlier versions of Flight Simulator (including one of the earliest versions on a TRS-80 – which had 128x48 block graphics!). It’s been fun getting back into it with the whole world to explore and 4K graphics! I’m using a Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One controller.

My father owned a Mooney M20F, and I was his co-pilot and navigator.

I live in the Portland, Oregon area.


Hi, you can call me: Thore
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: PC
I want to try flight simulation because: I want to learn how to navigate with NDB, VOR and other methods for VFR flight training.
I’m most interested in learning about getting known to procedures, navigation and flying a plane in general in Microsoft Flight Simulator to prepare myself for a PPL license.


Greetings all, my name is Bruno, and I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. Last time I played Flight Simulator was the 2002 version (long time ago), and since them I’ve been thrilled to play it again, but there was no space for a dedicated PC in my routine. As soon as the game was announced for the Xbox console I started looking forward for it, and now here I am, playing on Series S.
I’ve been pretty much doing some bush flights and sightseeing, mostly with Cessnas. Next step is buying a dedicated Hotas or Yaw system to have more immersion. I have no experience in real flights, but I really fancy operating and understanding machinery in general (boats and cars in real life). Cheers!


Greetings all, I’m using the handle PristineInk5669. I purchased the original MSFS on August 16, 1984, on the same day as my IBM 5150 system. I bought it through the IBM employee purchase plan.

I stopped using it when hardware changes made it incompatible. I restarted a few months ago, largely because I am now an airborne photographer with the Civil Air Patrol in the US. This means that I often sit in the right seat of a Cessna 172 or 182, and am called on to assist the pilot with such tasks as operating the radios, or pushing a button to record the GPS position just as we pass over a search target. All my airbonre work up to this point has been exercises.


Welcome to the MSFS!
I hope you can enjoy the virtual left seat as much as the right seat irl. There is a section where you can post your screenshots Latest Fly Together/User Screenshot Gallery topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
I expect great pictures to see from you as a professional photographer :wink:

Have fun, and hopefully we meet again sometimes in the skies of MSFS

Hi, first welcome to MSFS!
Lot of big plans going on over there! I hope you enjoy the flying a bit and have some beautifull bushflights.
There is a lot of knowledge out here on the forum than can probably answer any of your technical questions.
Have fun and dont hesitate to ask a question or create a topic.

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Hi Thore, Welcome to MSFS,
There are a lot of tutorials on youtube that will give you all the information you need on NDB, VOR and other VFR navigation. There is also a lot of knowledge here on the forum so feel free to create a topic or ask a question in the dedicated topics.
If we can help you with anything you can ofcourse (like anybody else) sent a DM to me or the other co-pilots Our Co-pilots (Welcome Crew) - Student Pilots / Basic Gameplay Help - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hi Jummivana

I’m Paul and I’m playing on a PC
In the past I’ve had a few hours of actual flight time in a c172. I did not pass my physical and decided to give up getting a PPL.
I’ve played with the sim for a couple of weeks using a gaming pc and using a xbox controller. I’m having a good time with it.
At this time I’d like to learn more about the avionics, voice and nav radios and how to use them. Any help would be appreciated!


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Thank you very much for the reception! I’ve been reading a lot in the forum for the last few days, many new things to learn. By now, I am happy for staying in the air doing some sightseeing, but I intend to improve my abilities soon :joy:


Welcome @PristineInk5669, @TolerantSkate51, @bsbrunacci, @TDizzle6920… and all new players!

Feel free to send a message to us Co-pilots using the @Copilot tag if you have any questions about the sim, or aviation concepts/procedures in general.

Happy flying! :airplane:

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Thanks for the warm welcome and for being so helpful :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hello @PHJAAP ,

thanks for the warm welcome and offering help.

To be honest I already have some question regarding VOR navigation.
Is it correct that some VOR’s don’t send the radial and/or DME information with them (I’m not talking about NDB’s, I mean VOR)?
Is it also possible that a limitation in VOR range is simulated in MSFS? As I flew yesterday my navigation system always switched between the state of receiving the VOR and in the next second it was not able to capture the VOR. This was around 55 nm to 60 nm distance to the VOR.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards

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you are correct there are VOR’s with and without DME.
On the charts they have different symbols as well, so you can recognise them instantly while checking them on the charts.


VOR’s have also indeed different ranges. But receiving one depends also on what altitude you are flying, terrain, High/low frequency etc. I havent checked all the VOR’s in MSFS myself, but on the forum, a couple have been reported with inaccurate range.
In order to fly the right heading to the next VOR (without recieving them), you can determine the outboud radial (degrees) to that specific VOR and fly that radial until the other one is in range. Dont forget to reset the OBS knob (“fr(om)” towards “to”) that has been shown by the arrow on the compass (see yellow arrow down below)


Some nice and easy explanation: WHAT is a VOR? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE - YouTube


Hi everyone,
trying to play this game on xbox series X with just one controller not easy

Howdy fellow flyers,

Ah… old dude here aka dusttyworm (long story). 'member the old days 35-40 years ago) when your build was ‘good’ till MSFS run on it.

Brought the xbox s just to ‘play’ MSFS 2020. spent 2 hours setting it up and just under 2 hours getting FS d/led. Enjoyed a few flights around the world.

My very very small disappointment is the ‘problems’ in the flight lessons. I’ve ran into a few hard stops here and there.


edit … for those that need a mapped xbox controller

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I’m Daniel and I go by Djaj88 on the Xbox. I’m new to the MSFS franchise. Before this, I used to fly on GTA V.