New Simmers: Introduce Yourself!

Thank you very much for the explanation and giving me the examples, helped me a lot with my issue.
Using the outbound radial from “old” VOR until receiving all information from the “new” one is a very good trick.

It’s absolutely great that even VOR reception is simulated inside the flight simulator, makes VFR navigation very realistic and puts the flight planning to a quite professional level.

Is there a possibility to find out the specific ranges of each VOR’s in MSFS?

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If you install little nav map Alex Projects - Little Navmap (, you can open the chart, click on any VOR and check what the actual range is from that perticular VOR.
As mentioned before, they can have a discrepancy with the range in MSFS. But at least it gives you a bit of a clue.

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Hi there, I started using MSFS 20 years ago. Which got me interested in getting my private pilots license. I passed all test within 40 hrs. I was getting ready to finish up my cross country check when I was struck with Lyme disease. ( again). Now I decided to go back and get my PPL again. Hopefully FS 2020 will help! It


Hi I’m INSIDEKAMAKAZAI (user name) from South East Asia.
I’m playing MFS Xbox series on a PC.
I need help on the A320 FMS.
Happy flying


Hi I’m Ant1975, so Anthony.

I’m on series x and this is the first time I’ve played msfs. I like simming and normally it’s project cars, dirt 2.0 or bus simulator.

I enjoy travelling and used to do quite a bit with work to the states u til the pandemic hit and ruined it all. So it’s been an essential game for me.


I am EyezInTheSkiez! I play MFS on Xbox. I am playing because I love airplanes and airports but hate the actual feeling of flying :upside_down_face:. So this is the best of both worlds for me!
I also have been documenting some flights and made an Instagram page! I would love and appreciate a follow @EyezInTheSkiez
Thank you!


Hi @InsideKamakazei!

Feel free to send a message to us Co-pilots using the @Copilot tag for help such as with your A320 autopilot if you’re unable to find your answers on the rest of the forums :+1:

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Hi, you can call me: Christoph
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: PC
I want to try flight simulation because: I plan to make my PPL-A license
I’m most interested in learning about plane details in Microsoft Flight Simulator:


Hey everyone,

You can call me ChronicJohn117
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on: Xbox

I want to try flight simulation because: I loved previous versions and now that it’s available for the console…I couldn’t resist!!

I’m most interested in learning about realistic flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator! It’s beyond challenging at times, but that’s also what makes it so fun.

Glad to be here and thanks for having me! Safe travels and happy flying!


I downloaded the Little Navmap program and checked the range of the VOR’s.
For some of them I can find a range of 130nm but I can barely receive them within 60 to 70 nm, maybe it’s because of the height during flying with singe prop GA aircraft.
But knowing about this issue I am using the outbound radial as well till I receive the new VOR.

Thank you very much for your support :slight_smile:

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Hi! This is Gresh. I am playing on a PC. I have just retired and have always been interested in flying. Unfortunately, flying lessons and flight time is well beyond my means. I can, however, afford a decent computer!


Hi Gresh, welcome to MSFS. If you need any help or like to get some guidance, let me or the other co-pilots Our Co-pilots (Welcome Crew) - Student Pilots / Basic Gameplay Help - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums know via this forum or a DM, and we are happy to help you out!

Hi from john. FSimmer from 1989. Loving the new MSFS 2020


Hello everyone, my name is Sudden,
I am playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC (3070/Ryzen 5 3600).
I enjoy playing simulation games and learning real-world techniques while playing casually. Right now I’m most flying single engine prop planes.


Welcome Sudden I also recommend trying out the Diamond DA 62 it’s a good plane in the sim it’s a less scary twin ga to learn

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This looks awesome! Recommended Console joystick?

Thrustmaster right now but I like to see more realistic stick.Three Yokes are coming Thrustmaster, Turtlebeach and Honeycomb.I will probably get Honeycomb they also have stick coming and more


Great thanks for the response!

Hello! I just purchased an Xbox S so my son can play Flight Simulator. He is only 8 and a half but he loves it, it’s all he talks about. He likes the Citation the best. I am trying to work my way through the Flight Training so I can follow what he is talking about and help him fix things when he gets stuck.


Awesome work, dude!

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