New to Blender: How to create .GLTF liveries using decal method? (Not stencil)


For some years I’ve been creating repaints the old-way in 2D (Photoshop), the new methods seems very interesting and frightening at the same time and after countless hours of “self-learning” I’m still stuck at nothing.
A far I can understand Some versions of Blender work fine, some others not. Can’t really keep track either of which tools are needed for the livery project… So my search begins, I’ve made some coffee, toasts and now I’m ready to explore the Internet! Under this expedition I’ve found many forums and tutorials showing some steps at the time but never from A-Z, some to old and some to incomplete.

Here in the forum I found HOWTO: Creating Unmirored Liveries, or Ultra quality decals method but Its just how to start the project and sadly the guide never got finished. There was also a YT video from adiboi8402 that sadly got removed but seemed to be very helpful for others.

My goal (after purchasing FSS Tecnam P2006t) is to paint the liveries straight into the -gltf file using decals and then export as -gltf as well.

Is there any good complete and recent guide/ guides somewhere that can help a beginner to get the project done? Just no clarify, I’m not looking for the “stencil” method every streamer uses on YouTube, there are already plenty of those but very few incomplete on “decal” method.

*Which version of Blender is the most reliable for this task?
*Do I still need glTF-Blender-IO-MSFS?
*How to start a new project from scratch?
*How should the livery-folder structure look like?
*How to properly shrinkwrap decals into the model?

*How to create DECAL.PNG.DDS?

*How to export -glft and -xml files for MSFS?
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Thanks in advance and hope this thread helps others that are confused scratching their head just like me :slight_smile:

EDIT: (Some sources I’ve used so far)

Add: Tutorial non-mirroring decal repaints