New to IFR and aircraft goes AWOL

Hello all, I hope you can help.

I have just started to learn IFR flights in the Citation CRJ. I have been learning how to read charts and have subscribed to Navigraph as it has in cockpit functionality which is great in VR. I am also preparing for my first IFR vatsim flight.

I have only had a few flights and to begin with everything was great. Create a flightplan in navigraph and load it into Sim. Sids, stars and app all loaded, take off, autopilot engaged and NAV selected. Sit back relax and follow ATC requests. Fms checked and all way points correctly loaded. When flying Manchester to London City about 20 miles east of London the aircraft left the flight plan and flew way off course.

I disengaged the auto pilot and flew by hand back onto the pink line, reengaged the Ap and off it flew again, mind of its own. Two attempts at the route and changed the Star but still happened. Anyone any idea what’s happening?

I suspect what you have experienced is the flyback bug.
You may be interested in this thread.

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when this happens select “legs” on the FMS and check if there is a “discontinuity” after the SID.
Often the autopilot does not find the next leg after completing the SID. (at least what happens to me)
Then I just select “Direct to” the first waypoint after the SID and the AP will be fine
just a thought

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