New to MSFS 2020, some questions

Just picked this up, having a blast so far. Few questions for the veterans.

  1. The external view, zoom in/out. Is there a way to move the camera further/closer to the aircraft? The zoom in/out keeps the distance to the aircraft the same, but changes the depth of field instead. This causes distortion the further you look from the center of the screen.

  2. Bell helicopter, is there a way to map the collective and throttle separately? I have the collective on one axis, and the INCREASE / DECREASE HELICOPTER THROTTLE mapped to two other keys, but both do the same thing, the engine RPM stays constant and only the collective moves.

  3. Bell helicopter. Trying to set up some autorotations. Since I can’t figure out how to separate the throttle from the collective, I’m trying to map the fuel shut off to a key. I’m failing at this as well.

I got that mapped as TOGGLE FUEL VALVE, but notihng happens. What am I missing??

  1. When running through the checklists, how do I get the game to show me which switch to move? It will point me to the correct panel, but it will not highlight the switch. I seem to remember some YT videos where the switch is actually highlighted to perform the action.

Shouldn’t the landing light be highlighted?

  1. When you hover over a switch, there’s a “eye” symbol that comes up. What’s that for?

Thanks for any help,



  1. try the S and W keys on PC

Welcome to MSFS 2020!

Thanks N405HT, thats what I’m looking for but for the regular external view, not the drone camera.

TY SirDanFlyBoy!

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I am so glad you are enjoying MSFS!

about the Bell is an existing topic, which answer most of your questions related to the Bell. There are also existing bug topics. In special about the Throttle binding, which its not possible for this moment and you need to move it with the mouse ( buts it is for the Bell also not most important, because of the FADAC ). Similar to the RPM and Torque ( where a free mod exists “Bell 407 improvement mod” ).

So, good starting point for the Bell would be:

Other topics, existing bug reports, etc. can you find with help of forums search function:

And I thinks its also similar to the other questions.

So, I mention also a search to camera topics.