New to pilot to flight simulator xbox series s

Hey there,

Im new to the Flight Simulator and playing it on xbox series s - i would like some help setting up my console for best experience in setting and what modes to turn on, and what to use and basic for flying. How to use atc features

As i have done some basic flight tutorials bit still confused and crashed few times :frowning: but i did try the free mode.

also what is the best joystick to get instead of using the controller

Actually i would first get a keyboard and mouse. This already helps a lot and make it much easier.
Stay with the gamepad until you have at least a dozen or so hours in the sim.
I also originally wanted a joystick but most that work with the xbox are either bad quality or really expensive. So first try out the gamepad for some time, maybe you will like it.

I think the xbox gamepad works really well with the correct sensitivity setting. Check out the forum or youtube for good settings.

Also, play the tutorials, start with the basics, then VFR and later IFR. Turn off the assistance and fly without them right from the start.


As FocalSugar suggests, a mouse is a must to add to your xbox, you will find it helpful for switches and knobs and using the menu, just be aware that it will stop working from time to time, there are some good workarounds in other posts here.

If you plan to get the 1000 hours achievement, it is a good idea to start on small aircraft, get familiar with the controls, enjoy the views and make your way to bigger or faster planes.

The assistance options may play against you, I personally hated the auto trim, auto flight on select mode and a few others, but suggest to try them all on and off to find what suits you the best.

Also go easy with the add-ons, unless you have no trouble with your finances and console storage. Ah! and don´t be upset if suddenly the sim freezes when you are in short final for landing from time to time…

thank you for the reply - the controls so confusing on training mode - but when i actually flew today - it was pretty simple and easy - saying press d pad right - A for gas etc - but you are right about mouse when i try to adust levels etc the whole plane shakes goes off course abit haha.

I’m still learning the terminology what it means or what they say - over speed etc and it was cool seeing fellow players fly above me.

any recommendations for planes to use? i was flying a private jet - and how do you get 1000 hours achievement?

The first flights can be really confusing, specially when having those pop up messages telling you to press something, pick an airport and start from the runway, take off, fly a bit, try to return or finding another airport and land. For aircraft, the cessna 152 is a good basic machine to start learning, but try them all, even try landing the 747 in the landing challenges until you nail it…

There are lots of videos in the web to teach you the basics, I would check real flight videos as well…

About the achievements, there is an achievement called “Wing commander”, you need to log 1000 hours of flight to earn it.

Not to be combative with any of the other posts suggesting the contrary, but I’d absolutely get a proper flight stick or yoke.

Flying with the controller is totally doable, but as compared to an actual “for flight” designed input device, it leaves a significant amount to be desired.

I’ve got both the Thrustmaster Hotas One paired with TFRP pedals and Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition paired with TPR pedals.

First, the Hotas is totally great for the price point. The issues with it are a sometimes loose throttle that doesn’t have the resistance it ought to to hold itself in the position you’ve set it to. One easy bump and it will flop to full throttle, for instance. There are ways to fix/address this. The TFRP pedals work ok. They really lack fluidity in their motion and even after fussing and fussing with sensitivity settings, taking them apart and cleaning up high spots in their plastic slides, I still found them frustrating. They are relatively cheap and they are definitely better than using the triggers on the controller.

The Boeing yoke is amazing. The TPR pedals are so insanely better than the TFRP, that I’m not even sure I can call the TFRP rudder pedals any longer. The key to this is in their operating resolution. The braking is massively better, as well. Of course, these are the most expensive part of my setup.

Example, I love to fly the Carenado C170B. It’s a taildragger. Taxiing was really twitchy and nervous, even with the TFRP’s sensitivity turned to -60%. Taking off was always twitchy and nervous, especially when the tail came up off the ground and the aircraft would suddenly lurch in a direction and then I’d be weaving about trying to get it to calm down prior to lifting off the ground.

I thought these issues were my sensitivity settings, the sim, and/or the aircraft modeling. That wasn’t the case. When I got the TPR, all of that is gone. I’m even using the default sensitivity, too. The plane will taxi, track down the runway, transition off its tail wheel with none of that crazy it did before.

Yes a keyboard and mouse are great for manipulating switches, changing views and whatnot, but actually manipulating the control surfaces of the aircraft in a manner befitting of how an aircraft ought to be controlled, you cannot beat a flightstick or yoke. I’d add, too, having immediate linear control over the throttle is also significantly better when controlling a small piston engined GA aircraft. So much of your cruise trim and landing control is done with the throttle.

In short, flying, the experience of it, is significantly better with a flight control peripheral. I wouldn’t hesitate on any of the above solutions, save for maybe the TFRP. Do not dismiss the Hotas One, it’s great and affordable. Of course, your budget may dictate which direction you go in. Naturally, you have to ask yourself how committed you are to this hobby. If it’s a passing phase, stick with the Xbox controller.

I’d also add, turn off all the assistances that control the actual flying of the aircraft. They will fight you and confuse you and make a mess of your learning. Set Assistance Options—>Piloting to Hard.

Hope this helps!


Let me also add to this by saying we all use the sim differently.

I’m really into small GA aircraft, preferably without an autopilot or GPS to tempt me to “just follow the magenta line”. I want to experience flight as best I can and be one with the aircraft.

However, the airliners are totally great, too, and are a very different sort of experience. If you’re more into the airliners, you can absolutely get away with just the Xbox controller. Due to their size and weight, they taxi and maneuver much more slowly and heavily, than the small GA aircraft. 99% of the flight is managed by the autopilot anyhow and the 747 can even land itself. Given this is the case, having the mouse and keyboard to help with the in-flight radio adjustments, autopilot adjustments and flight management computer inputs is extremely helpful. In the case of airliners the pilot is less in control of the aircraft’s control surfaces, so the input controller isn’t quite as critical.

The other thing with the aforementioned peripherals is if you do move to a PC, they will work there, too.


I have started using the Cessna cj4 - and been flying alot since yesterday and loving it. i did some flights to Toronto to LA and got lost and crashed somewhere in Michigan. Then tried Toronto to Houston - omg was very dark at night

I still need work on my landing - im able to bring the plane nice and slow and it its not smooth landing so far and it crashes and goes flying all over the place :rofl: i still need to work on my land skills.

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I don’t know how much time you’ve spent in propeller aircraft, but I’d really encourage you hone your landing skills in those. Jets come in quite a bit faster and that leaves less time for getting it right.

I know the 152 isn’t “sexy”, but it’s just awesome for this sort of learning.

Also, if you’re an Xbox user (it’s available on PC, too, but there are so many other choices on that platform), I’d recommend the EMB-110. It has its flaws and I’ve been in contact with the developer and I truly hope he will address the issues he and I have communicated about. I’m guessing many of the 3rd party developers are waiting on SU8 to see what all has been fixed or changed before they go through the trouble of updating.

Anyhow, the EMB-110 is a great little airplane and my second favorite in the sim after the C170B. It’s real fun to hand fly and I love purposely setting up landings with it. It will fly nice and slowly giving you time to make corrections on your trajectory, angle of attack, decent speed, etc.


which planes would you say to stick for getting hand of landing out of the 3 you suggested? as the cessena cj4 is really fast for me still but love to learn to land and get used to regular flying.

so when flying to destination with vr map on do i follow purple line?

Ah, the “magenta line”.

This comes from the “glass cockpit” aircraft way of showing the route an autopilot (or you, if you’ve got autopilot turned off) will follow a GPS-based track (flight plan).

To follow the magenta line is to either: A. turn on autopilot and let the computer do the flying or B. you keeping one eye glued to the display as you carefully hand fly the aircraft along that line.

I don’t use the VFR map, but I suppose if it has a magenta line, then that would probably behave somewhat similarly, as you fly a route.

Well, for the aircraft, the 152 is something you already own. It doesn’t have any computerized glass cockpit equipment. It’s very design will force you to actually fly the aircraft and learn how to negotiate the world around you visually and with the basic instrumentation so vital to a pilot’s survival. It can fly really slowly, too, and is a very forgiving aircraft. This is a big reason they are used in training, along with the 172 and others like it.

Here’s an easy way to get setup for an approach to just learn how to control your descent and maintain your heading as you come in for a landing:

On the World Map, choose a small regional or metropolitan airport (mine local is KPRB, which is awesome) as your destination. Plug that airport into the “To” section’s “Select Arrival Airport” box. This will auto-populate the “From” section to a point a short distance from the airfield with the aircraft already in the air and trimmed for landing (flaps down, lights on, gear down, etc.).

You just need to take control and fly on down to the airfield. This is a great way to get started.


how do i request pushback and taxi service on xbox? omg so very confusing

Tune to Ground, choose Ground Services, choose Request Pushback.

If that isn’t offered, and there are times when it won’t be, you can assign a keybind to Toggle Pushback in Controls—>Options.

Don’t forget to release your parking brake.

i see other options - do i have to turn on radio thru selections menu? or in plane then i see other options and dont see ground services - i pressed shift P - the guy moved for bit and then he did nothing.

I did release parking break and plane engine on also

I understand and feel your pain.
As others have suggested getting a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas with a keyboard and mouse are must have additions IMHO.
Then the Twitch Flying Lessons

The lessons assume you have never been in a plane and are a absolute novice.

One more tip - MSFS have a few bugs that may happens now and again. Don’t take it personal.

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• Open the toolbar at the top of the screen
• Click the control tower symbol
• Note the Frequency for Ground
• Either tune that manually into the radio (ensuring you have turned the electrical power to the aircraft) or select the choice to tune the radio from the ATC window that you opened

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i will be honest – this game not user or newbie friendly - like how to set frequency manually or how to contact ground crew etc, minor stuff like that - otherwise really liking the game/simulator

as im playing on xbox - but still learning, trying to read/look up youtube videos still lost.

Somebody was suggesting Thrustmaster Hotas One but read alot of bad quality issues and breaking it down - so any other recommendations?

Turtlebeach velocity one flight. Again there will be those users with issues but mine has been rock solid and is probably one of if not the best option for X-Box users at present.

I’m a new user too, 4 weeks in. I watched loads of youtube videos first but only try to stick to one or two channels so you dont get too many mixed messages, Huddison is good and SImFlightHangar or DigitalAviator

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thank you for your help - wow good system with the throttle and yoke and gears but costly.

I will check out the youtubers - as some people above said there is was manual way to input the radio frequency itself too?.

what plane do you use?

It’s important to remember that while technically a game, it’s trying to simulate reality.

Last I checked we are all not qualified pilots for a reason — it’s an investment in instruction, continuing education and logging hours of experience!

Regarding the Hotas One. One reason it’s recommended is due to its price point. Is it perfect? No. Does it do the job pretty dang well for the investment? Yes.