New to VR, issues with Reverb G2


Today I got the Reverb G2, it’s my first VR set so I have no experience with this.

Basically I just plugged it in and went straight to MSFS, and with the default settings it’s a bit of a letdown, I have a 3080 and a 10900k OC’d to 5.1 GHz and yet I was getting like 30 FPS in the middle of nowhere, which wouldn’t be a problem if it was smooth, but the movement felt all jittery, there was shimmering everywhere and the instruments were unreadable.

As a newbie to this, is there any basic stuff I should know? What settings in-game and anything else related to VR should I use? Thx a lot!

You need to find openxr dev tools in the Microsoft store to start. Which version of the sim are you using? Microsoft store version?

I find this guys videos very helpful in setting up my g2 and 3080 card

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Check this:

This solved the same problem i had with G2. now it runs smoothly


Yep, it’s from the MS Store. I downloaded the OpenXR dev tool app and messed around with the resolution and reprojection, lowering the resolution there gives me a few more FPS but then I can’t read any display, and the reprojection gives me artifacts and jittering when panning around.

Tried this but didn’t work :confused:

Oh, thanks for this, I got so mixed up after trying to get it working with the update that I couldn’t get it back right after the hotfix came out. It’s all sweet now.