New update and joystick

Since the last update, I can no longer use the G-Y axis of my T-flight Hotas X joystick. As a result, I can no longer take off, stabilize planes or land properly.

Is it linked to the new joystick sensitivity adjustment system?

I had CTD after the update but I found the problem with my CH Yoke. I restarted the MSFS without yoke connected and no CTD anymore, so I installed again and did a new calibration using the manager of CH controls software and assign again all the controls in options of MSFS and everything is working great again.

I have a Hotas X joystick it is working fine. Only had to adjust the sensitivity a bit after the update.

same here. I can see the gas stick moving but it dosnt do anything anymore. This has been the secound time after an update.
I wish there was a way to export my mapping and reload it more easy…