New update while flying

Hello :wave:t2:, tomorrow is supposed to be out the SU8 for everyone. I want to make a flight meanwhile I’m outside of my house but my question is, if the update release while I’m in cruise the flight will continue or it will stop? Because when the Mid beta update came out my sim just started saying that i have been disconnected from the online services. TIA

The update should only happen, if you close MSFS, nothing should happen mid-flight. It should only happen if you close and open the sim when its due. So you start a flight 09.00 utc time and update 11.00 utc time, but you are in the sim it will not effect you flying. (BTW they are times I have made up, not official) before anyone corrects me.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had an update release while I was in the air. The 1st thing that happened was the PG/bing stopped working, then I was switched offline, and then I was totally disconnected. After I restarted the sim the update started, and I had to start the flight all over again.

Yea, that happened to me when they released the mid beta update. Im about to start taxiing, i hope i dont get disconnected.

I had exactly the same experience.
Only problem is, my flight hours were lost as well, and never recovered.
Luckily I am using external flight logging system, so not a big trouble for me, but be aware.

Ive lost so many hours lost its sick. Sim thinks In at 100 hours (again) steam says over 2400 hours.

On a side note, I just loaded and tried to fly, I get into the air and right away the msg, ‘Your bandwidth is to low you will be diconnected’. I was I re-enabled to online bing and pg on, and only had bing when I returned to the flight. The scenery started drawing in right below me. The fps was running at 12 (usually 20) and then I got ■■■■■■ and threw the computer out the window (yet again)…

Now Im starting to wonder if the cyberwar has started in Ernest, or is it just MS/Asobo ■■■■■■ servers.

That was i thought this morning while flying because off unusual stutters…

So is it today (28/2) any expected time?

Oh so it wasnt me only who experienced this slowmo flying

Expected at 11:00 am eastern. But I seem to remember that in the last Q and A they said Monday March 1. So Im kind of wondering if its going to be tomorow Tues. March 1 or today Mon Feb 28th.

Last roadmap update posted few days ago states Feb 28th

The normal release time is 21:00 zulu.

Incorrect. That was only for last update

Are we there yet???

Woohoo 11:00 on the nose on steam…

There have definitely been multiple issues with lost flying time and it sucks. I’ve also lost time (at 1100 hours, but should be over 1500).

But comparing Steam time to flying time is not a reliable way to track. Your in-sim pilot profile tracks flight time from the time you take off from the time you land - actual air time. Steam counts time from the moment the EXE loads until it’s shut down. So all that time you spent installing, updating packages, planning on the world map, browsing marketplace, etc gets counted as time in the sim.

No update for me.

Windows store bought.

Started game 3 times since 17.00 (27 min. ago)
Normally it says mandatory update after …searching for updates.

Looked on windows store updated and get latest updated…nothing.

Am I missing something here???

SOLVED Restarted pc and…

NOW it is here…yeah. 587 mb In 9 sec.
Started game and it is installing/unpacking 4,43 gb.
Done in 7 min 43 sec.
Now comes the exiting part, trying it out.

No problems so far. Tried the 152 briefly but could not tell any difference. If any it seems to fly on rails.
Will test more tomorrow.

Update is out. :slight_smile: