New updates today (8 Apr)

Well, these updates are related to this"Packages out of date" grrrrrr and therefore to this Playtime gone missing

Hmm weird,

It seems that these “updates” are part of the issue some people, including me, are experiencing.

No word from the developers yet, but I have a gut feeling telling me that it might be safer to wait, before messing around with this.


Je pense que si tu posais ta question en anglais tu aurais plus de chances d’avoir une réponse !

I Think if you want any reply to your request, you have to write it in english !

Beware, I got the same message yesterday so I logged out of xbox and then back in. My camera settings had all defaulted to original and my logbook is empty. It would have been nice to have been forewarned in an announcement.

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I totally agree!!

hello, hello one all.
After the update, no more profile !!! all my flight hours erased, no more landing challenges, etc… I started from scratch!
someone to a solution?

cant understand the Alaska bush trip update as i had completed this ages ago all legs ticked

Isn’t KDFW Dallas-Fort Worth and not Denver?

Well something is definately not right. Was flying along merrily in the trusty old FBW320NX and a message came up “Warning…program is out of date and needs updating, …Exit…Yes/No”, I said No and now there is no Marketplace, or It cannot be accessed (blacked out). I wish the left hand would tell the right hand what it was doing, or better still introduce themselves to one another. HeyHo here we go again. :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :woozy_face:

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Idk why but now my sim is stuck on “checking for update” after i restared :sob:. Anyone know why ?

DITTO, who knows…Microsoft’s servers have most probably given up. :laughing:
I also think that is why I have a blacked out Marketplace and it cannot be accessed.

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The beta test is interfering with the live version

Weird, its back to normal :thinking:
Not going to complain :joy:

KDFW is my home airport. So it excites me.

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Yes. KDFW is Dallas-Ft. Worth. KDEN is Denver.

Today, I checked for updates and had 33 items that needed to be updated. I marked SELECT ALL and the update process proceeded without any errors. A couple of airports and loads of aircraft updates is what was being updated. I encountered no errors and all looked normal.

I reported issue with EPWS in August, no fix so far. Airfield ca. 300ft below its proper elevation in kind of depression making approach “challenging”. So don’t expect any immediate fix, but still reporting to Zendesk is the only thing you can do…

I thought the Asobo update to both Stewart and Dallas-Fort Worth was impressive. I flew the pattern at both airports using the task bar autopilot. ( Only my Cessna 172 and Savage Cub land correctly using it). I fly VR external view.

Hello Folks,

Some of you are having issues with Packages and Unexpected Updates. Please refer to and participate in that topic’s thread (and vote as you see fit):


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