New Xbox Build

ILS approach from world map planning is now completely broken for most airports, particularly in Europe. Disgrace

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One step forward(CTD fixing), 2(or 3) steps backwards… It’s depressing.



You should probably create your own topic. I imagine there are a lot of different Dell Inspiron 15 hardware configurations.

I would share today’s experience:
Xbox series X, first try after the latest xbox patch:

  • at first flight CTD at the gate, before taxiing and departure
  • second flight: it would have been a successfull 9 hours flight from Paris to Cancun, but I got CTD at arrival taxiing to the gate.

Perfect job Asobo again…

Removing saved data and all add-ons resolved it for me.
Xbox series X

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I am still experiencing crashes during loading. I am using cloud gaming with the windows XBOX app.

Working for me but still have connection lost pop up when I’m still online, it’s really annoying

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I thought my problems were mostly at an end… But tonight every flight is CTD. :grimacing:

It’s wierd because I’ve had over a day of no crashes and good performance (XBSX).

I don’t get it…

Had my first CTD in days. Out of nowhere, midflight between Amsterdam and Birmingham. That’s the scary part, it came out of nowhere. No cracking sounds, no stutter just BOOM CTD.

It would be energy better spent if you people would read what the purpose of this thread is for and would create a new thread regarding Xbox CTDs/issues that are not related to what this special Xbox patch was meant to fix.

Coming here and posting your aggravations regarding CTDs during flight planning, flights, after landing, etc. is completely pointless, because none of that was addressed with this patch.


Don’t really have a problem with this. I have a problem with a transaction pending and I can’t find anything on this website to report it. I can’t download the Italy and Malta world update because of it.

Transaction pending report via zendesk ticket and they will fix it in a couple of days. Avoid using marketplace after a quick resume as that can cause this.


I get this after quick resume. If you reboot the SIM it will clear - well it did in my case…

With the same effect if you log in again.

Actually I think it’s indicative of there being a whole host of issues for Xbox users since the release of SU9. There is such a big range of issues being experienced that it is sometimes difficult to find the right place to post - I know I’ve managed to post in the wrong thread once or twice - I apologise for it where I’ve made the mistake.

Look, I think issues with Xbox are serious and a lot of questions need answering - SU9, the patch for SU9, the nav data update, WU9, the fix for WU9, they’ve all introduced their own issues or compounded existing ones, as well as fixing other issues. confusing eh? The big question is really how do you manage to release such obviously uncontrolled updates?

But please, please let’s not be too critical with each other in these forums?


The question is , why did they need to create another Su 8 … 9 …

Soon SU 10 and then what ? Until what ? SU20 ??? And still new bugs …

Why change something that worked fine before all this mess. …

I understand WU but SU ??? …

One month and us , Xbox players can’t use the sim anymore.

When i Say “can’t use” i mean without stutters, Ctd…

What is this mess to get so many troubles with a console and a game…

This is just a joke…


With this version, mouse freeze issue is now back again. Yesterday I had this issue two times in 2hrs.
With previous version this was fixed and is now back again….it is so frustrating what happened with this beautiful Sim on Xbox since last update

Totally agree - and it’s now difficult to figure out where the issues originated:
Some from SU9 (obviously) but we then had a patch to fix CTD, then an airport/nav update that was compulsory and pushed, then hot on the heels of that WU9 and then a fix for CTDs for that.
Now I know that the issues I see aren’t due to WU9 because I haven’t downloaded it - but the others? I can only say they are post SU9.
Now I know I’m in a minority but I argue for a rollback to SU8 for Xbox users because it (I hope so at least) is a known state of the SW. I feel like there should have been a hold on rolling out anything else once all the SU9 problems became evident and I wonder whether the causes of problems can be tracked properly now. It’s a real disaster to be honest and there needs to be a better process in place to properly manage Xbox updates - buying a couple of commercial Xboxes and trying MSFS on them would be a decent start.
But I think such a muck up has happened that a rollback to SU8 may be the only way to get back configuration control of the SW on Xbox - if that is true it says a lot (and nothing good) about the amount of attention given to MSFS on Xbox to date.


Heathrow add on dlc is defiantly causing CTD issues with the game. Done some testing and come to this conclusion. XBSX.