New York Disaster

Look at the photo of New York after the last update!!! It was not like that before. I could see more realistic buildings and I haven’t changed any settings. Does any one else have this problem now after the last update>

Did you check your settings?

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Did you fly over it already or just approaching? Some photogrammetry objects appear super late since few updates ago

Yes I did check the setting and there are the same as before.

I was flying over and I paused the sim (for 2 minutes) to allow photogrammery objects to appear but still the same.

Check to make sure Photogrammetry and Bing Maps didn’t get turned off. I had that happen once after an update.

Those are autogen buildings. Looks like your photogrammetry / Bing Data is either turned off or not working. Updates have been known to change those settings.


He said that he checked and his settings had not changed.

With my system this is what NYC and most other large cities have always looked like from that distance before all of the LOD kicks in, then okay. I have not known any better so figured my system was running fine. Now I’m wondering.

There seems to be people reporting issues with the MSFS online services in other threads. The OP’s issues may be related if he’s not receiving PG data due to a service being down.

Be nice if there was some small indicator on the screen when the app was having issues with the online services and downloading PG data… You wouldn’t start pulling your hair out with settings and rolling cache tweaks.


I would strongly oppose some “indicator” on screen that would break the immersion. I hate the pulldown menu for the same reason.

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How do you check if your photogrammery and Bing Data are turned ON?

Options > Data

You should see your services there and what’s turned on and off.

Some more photos

We believe you. That’s not the issue.

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To back up the OP, since World Update 3 I have also noticed that buildings appear featureless and generic until you are within a certain distance. This has always been the case, I think, but since the update it seems this distance has decreased.

You and he didn’t specify what settings to check/were checked. Like I said I’ve had one time where Bing World Data got turned off after an update.

He didn’t specify but I assumed that he was intelligent enough to check ALL settings when he says “nothing was changed”

U sure Photogrammery is on? (To check, see if there are “flat” boats in the harbor and look at the top of the buildings.