New York Disaster

Well being that he asked where to check those settings I guess you have your answer.

Still waiting for OP to show us pictures that his photogrammetry and Bing Data are turned on after saying he checked the settings but then asked how does he check the settings lol


When someone says “nothing has changed” I take them at their word. Are you saying that people on this forum do not know what they’re talking about? :slight_smile:


Lmaooooooo stop @mdapol. Give me your internet device right now.


I can’t remember specifically which update it was for me, but I’ve had it happen once.

Every other update would turn mine off as well along with other options.

I Have asked where to check if the Bing Data is turned ON and the Photogrammetry and no one knows?

It’s under the DATA section.

At Main Menu - click on Options-General-Data.

Check if Online Connectivity, Bing Maps and Photogrammetry is ON.

Cycle them all OFF, then back ON. Restart sim. Do things look better?

If not, consider Logging Off your XBox account - Upper Right Main Menu. Then restart sim, Log back in. One of those two tricks reestablishes connectivity that is lost, usually. Just make sure you know the password!

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU I have checked the Graphic settings only but now that you told me to check the DATA settings I found out that the BING DATA was OFF and the Photogrammetry was ON. After I put BING DATA ON all OK now. THANKS again guys.


Glad to see your problem is solved.

Have fun up there

I answered you several replies above telling you where to look for the settings.


You actually were told here brother.

Glad you have it fixed and are flying again!

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Sorry about that . My bad


Glad you got the issue sorted.

Exactly what I said I have experienced before…

The frame rates I get now in London UK after the update is 35, the same as before the update.

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On a side note, I have to say I’m quite disappointed they didn’t do a proper model of the WTC when they did the USA update. Surprisingly the model of it in X-Plane is much more accurate all the way down to the top rings on the building (though the rest of Manhattan in X-Plane looks quite awful lol). The model in MSFS is a flat solid ring. Obviously it’s photogrammetry rendered not hand modeled.

14 years of professional simulation development has taught me that this not a good approach to take :slight_smile:

If I had a dollar for every time a conversation went like…

“I didn’t change anything / nothing’s changed”

“You sure? Let’s look at ‘X’…”

“Oh… it’s different.”

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He was being sarcastic lol