is it possible to know what is this in the CONTENT MANAGER when i try to install a new liveries or sceneries. please someone give me an answer. ive just downloaded the recent update or patch and still having same problem.

there is no need to open multiple threads for the same stuff…
if you have a problem, provide some info about what you want to do and what is not working as expected.

I have liveries and sceneries working just fine…

sorry for my panic, there is many people having issues about liveries and sceneries at different level. so im just trying to express myself. i dont know if youre from microsoft or asebo but i already gave more information about that. to someone else .thank you anyway.
before my liveries and sceneries were working perfect, after the update i had the message in the CONTENT MANAGER NEWER GAME VERSION REQUIRED. and my liveries and sceneries werent working anymore, so im rying to find out what is causing this. and everything is installed in the COMMUNITY folder. thank you for your help.

It’s the way of things with mods you decide to add.
They might break on every update to the sim.
It’s up to the developers of the mods to make sure they’re up to date with the current game version, and it’s up to you to make sure you have the most recent version installed (for the mods you didn’t get from the in-game store).

thats what i thought because ive de installed and re installed and got the same problem… its coming from and from but whats surprise me is that iits the same problem for both places.
this morning ive downloaded the latest patch and had the same problem.

The patch just got released today. You’ll need to give the mod developers some time to update their mods.

If you don’t want to deal with all of this, just stay away from mods for a couple of months while things settle down.

If you want to mod your game, be prepared for this sort of thing every 2 weeks.


thank you i found another way to get it to work but this bring other issues, so i will and asebo theire not fools so they will correct many issues eventually