Next activity for Decathlon achivement?

I didn’t see a spotlight or activity for the Italy world update IX? This is the only achievement left that I don’t have and was wondering if anyone knows if the Maverick update activities count? I don’t think so, I have completed a few and no joy on the achievement. Also does anyone know if there are any planned for future updates? I just need one more! LOL
Thanks, see you in the sky!

Hi, just FYI: the Maverick stuff doesn’t seem to count. I completed everything with 100% and the achievement progress did not increase. :\


Thanks. Waiting for the next sim update.

Current challenge doesn’t progress on Xbox. It’s almost as if there isn’t anyone doing any testing or quality control.

Latest sim update has activity that counts toward achievement. I now have all the MSFS 2020 achievements. Thanks.

Which events came with the November update ? Soaring and helicopter over New York ? What do I have to do in these flights?

I just got the 40th anniversary update and have not looked at the activities yet.
To get this steam achievement you have to complete 10 activities that came with the previous 10 updates. I assume you would start now with the latest activity if they still count. I don’t know of any legit method to load and complete activities that have been removed by Asobo. Sorry. Good luck with you search for a complete answer.

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Which activity do you mean on your oct. 9 post ?

Please look at this main topic logged as a bug, and vote so the priority would be raised for MSFS Dev Team to resolve it please!

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