Next Gen! But why not DX12?

I am not an expert when it comes to the programming things, but reading a lot of articles its like everybody assumes way better frame rates with DX12. So why DX11? I just try to understand. It seems like it could be easier to solve all our performance problem. Instead we have to tweak and tweak like in the good old simulator times. I think this is not next gen!?



Have a look at these discussions - Might provide some insight.


I’m sure Directx 12 is at least a year or more out.
Some think going to DirectX 12 is a simple re-compiling of the existing code, like upgrading a version of windows. When development of the game started, the standard was DX11. Once they were down the path there is a point where switching platforms would cause huge delays in the game. This includes training the programmers on the new platform (takes time). Then the programmers have to learn the ropes and make/fix mistakes during the learning process (resulting in more bugs and complaints)

The big thing that this platform gives is starting over using 64 bit. FSX and other older sims are extremely limited on possibilities due to the amount of memory and other resources available. 32 bit programs are typically limited to 2-4 gig of memory usage. 64 bit extends that to a number that won’t be seen during most of our lifetimes. For years the horsepower in modern computers has been high but the platform only allowed a fraction of its output to be used.

I would recommend that people try to enjoy the game/sim and appreciate the accomplishment and platform. This is not a typical gaming platform that has a playground size of a few kilometers and few dozen players. This platform is the size of earth and can handle millions of users/players. This is awesome stuff to people who remember the original game.
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I think either I or someone else commented on one of those linked threads, DX12 has been out since 2015. It’s odd to think that the game is already 5 years in development to get it to this point, but someone else pointed out that what MSFS is now, was started as someone just kind of toying with Bing Maps 3D being planted into FSX Code as kind of a side-project (which seems to make a lot more sense)

As you’ve pointed out though, that change to DX12 prior to release would have caused huge delays due to “re-tooling” (My choice of word there) - This is going to happen regardless. It’s more likely that the further along they hold it out, the longer it’ll take to see some of the study-level stuff to come to the platform in my eyes.

(My logic being there, if let’s say, PMDG start re-building the 777, Get nearly finished, MSFS comes out as a DX12 update, which is forced upon everyone, The third party developers are going to have to start again from scratch)

There is a lot of stuff in here that I will credit Asobo and MS for, including acknowledging the weather system and bumping it up in priority for repair ASAP, but I do think if they hold out on DX12, it could potentially be damaging for the third party market.

That all said, Considering the time it took for a lot of addons to port from P3D V4 to V5 wasn’t huge so I will admit that I could be totally incorrect in my thinking.


You only have to look at the Vulkan Beta for X-Plane to realise that switching your renderer isn’t going to be smooth sailing.

But I would happily enrol in any Beta patch branch to try it out.

I’ll bet that Asobo already has finished a DirectX 12 version but are stalling it to bring out in a (payed) upgrade in the near future…

[Citation needed] or knock off the conspiracy theories.


That is patently ridiculous.


Commercially not…

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