Next update for JF Arrow III will include support for GTN750 Mod

Just Flight have tweeted that the next update (which “should be arriving soon”) to the JF Arrow III will add support for PMS50’s GTN750 mod.


Fan damned tastic!

I really enjoy the plane this will be a nice addition

Is that GTN750 a payware addon or is it included in the Arrow?

Can’t wait!!!

It’s a separate mod - my understanding is the basic version will be free and there will be a premium version that adds extra functionality.

The current beta version is available here.


Looks like activation for the premium version is free.

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Thanks for the link!


I Was reluctant to spend 60 AUD on this plane but now I have it I don’t regret it one little bit.
This is the best GA plane to fly and this update just makes it even better. The other now feel so arcade


Just reacquainted myself with the Caravan for an hour with the GTN and this will be fantastic when it comes to the Arrow. It will be a truly great combination and thanks to both JF and Scorpion for the smile on my face as I type. It took the GTN to prise me out of the Arrow and that says a lot, right now. It is brilliant and if you ever need anything to help you feel positive about the sim, this could be it.

How did you get the GTN in the caravan?

will the mod work with a realsimgear 750?

To give you both a quick reply, as it is slightly off topic but of importance to Arrow users, see beneath.

Gruesome, it is a piece of cake. Good instructions on the website, but remember that if you are going for the premium version, that you will still need the lower, base package.

Likes2fly, as far as I know, the Realsimgear GTN is a screen, with bezel that you “pop” a screen onto. As such, I can’t believe how it would not work. Yesterday, I ran the GTN out onto a tablet and the touchscreen element was fantastic, compared to the Windows version of touchscreen (I use both)

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“The basic version is free and the premium extension requires an annual subscription license.“

“The premium package requires a paid license.“

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Fantastic news!

I imagine that is after it exits beta, correct?

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What tablet did you “run” it out on?
What was the process for pushing the screen out to your tablet?

And what did you mean by this statement? It doesn’t make sense to me…

Is it a windows tablet that you have connected as a second screen somehow to your desktop?

OK, here we go. Tablets in question, an old Nexus 7 and a bigger, much more useful Samsung Tab S6. Both of these run via a utility called SpaceDesk which puts a small server onto the primary PC and the client tablets pick this up via a driver for each of them. It works a treat and the touchscreen element for operation of the GTN is brilliant, along with a superb display.

This however, is unlike the native Win 10 system. I also have a 15 inch 1080 touchscreen on my panel and is simply 'orrible to use. This is more a limitation of Microsoft and whilst it sort of works, you need things like a double press to get a key value accepted and displayed.

I have a lot of screens I suppose and if I use all six together, then there is an FPS impact on my older machine, but for those with horsepower to spare, no problem. I would recommend anyone having an android or apple tablet to give this a try, because it is so much closer to the native operation of the GTN and makes life a breeze. This is how I normally ran my GTN on FSX.

Oh, cool, I’ll check that out. I’ve got a Tab A7 I use for an efb that would be great to bd able yo offload the GTN to the touch screen and be able to learn how to use it.

I also have a small windows 10 tablet computer I actually use for one of my guitar effects processors, how would I connect that so I could cast the screen to it? What do you mean by “on my panel”?

Well, my panel started with a Logitech autopilot, but it grew. Now has 2 log panels, timers, headphone audio controls, a Stramdeck XL, plus the 15 inch touchscreen and the two tablets. Just the PC to replace sometime this year, hopefully.

As for your Windows tablet, it should be possible to connect this through either Windows itself but also SpaceDesk. You will love the intuitive nature of the GTN but you will soon love it even more, I suspect.