Nice Documentary: How MSFS Recreated Our Entire Planet?

Wow! I think every user of MSFS 2020 should see what went into this production. This is fantastic! Thanks for posting.


They did a great job on the planet, there is no doubt.

Pity about the failure with the flight simulation though.

Still, it’s getting better, slowly.

it’s certainly not a “failure”, although I agree they probably should have waited one more year to improve the simulator part and add flight training missions, multimedia documentation, etc.

However, would you rather wait one more year and then spend $100 to get a perfect product, or pay $100 now to start play a 80% finished product? I must say by losing several dollars (yearly interest of $100), I have fun (although not without frustration from time to time) for a whole year. It’s a bargain, especially considering the COVID-19 effect.


No disrespect intended but I purchased a Flight Simulator…not a world scenery simulator.

It is a flight simulator, although far from perfect. Its GA simulation is at least better and brings more fun than, say, FSX. FSX is far more user friendly though by providing extensive in-game documentation and detailed training courses.

Sure…but not much fun for us retired pilots, at present anyway.

Still, enjoy your GA, sincerely.

Whilst I’m definitely more of a realistic sim features before visuals person, those tropical waters look amazing… If only…

Got about half way through the video then switched off. So depressing seeing what it used to look like. Night lighting looked amazing. Didn’t see a single tree or building pop in to view. Level of detail was phenomenal. How anyone can argue that it looks as good now as it did back then is beyond me.

For a while there I was starting to think it was in my head. That i had just simply gotten used to the graphics and wasn’t as impressed anymore. Unfortunately, seeing all those clips has confirmed for me just how borked it is now.

I flew about 190 hour between release and Japan update. Currently sitting at 198.

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That’s sad but true. I also questioned my own vision and mind, but the fact was still that after Update 5 the graphics were noticeably inferior. Mostly impacted were clouds, and sceneries under certain light conditions such as near noon sun light. Unless I lower the Image Control - Sharpness setting on my monitor, the whole game was so grainy and flickering that it made me headache and depressed. However lowering sharpness wouldn’t improve clouds much, nor could it make sceneries as crispy clear as before.

This topic of detail degradation has been brought up several times. Do we have real examples of screenshots taken from the beta or August build compared to the same location in patch 7?

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How about you “prove” that current version of MSFS has same quality visual effects in clouds as those demonstrated in promotional trailers before or shortly after initial release?

People couldn’t anticipate any future graphic downgrades so most wouldn’t keep “evidences” for later comparison. Besides, it’s easier for you to show two images and claim they are of same qualities, than describe their differences.

I’m not saying details did not decrease, I was only asking if anybody was able to capture that in a screenshot or video format.

Try this.

My blog thread from launch edition until now. You can check the screenshots yourselves. There are a lot of them. No degradation other than trees being nerfed at the demand of the community. And if you think I’m falling out you can see all the dates on the screenshots.

And then for something more specific my pre/post patch comparison thread (again with the dates clearly marked):

And if you’re wondering why I’ve not updated it since patch 3 there is no point. The graphics have not been downgraded so no need to, and even if I did, those who insist the graphics have downgrades have no interest in reading it as it doesn’t fit with their narrative.

Interesting that conveniently you don’t have any evidence - and surprising really that you didn’t take a single screenshot whilst marveling at all that beauty. It’s that really credible? Mmmmmm


One of the most compelling parts of that clip was - how did it make people feel, and where was the first place they flew to? Home. Like most impactful points, it was simple and well-understood, both intellectually and instinctively at the same time. Great video. Thanks for posting that link!

The burden of proof is on the person making the claim. Unless you want to get into an argument about space teapots.


I do have evidence (in my past post with images) and submitted them with my ZenDesk ticket weeks ago.

Too bad that ticket status was changed to “solved”, with no further details whatsoever.

In the meanwhile, Asobo added in their development update that they will start to work on the grainy texture thing. This was a proof that they admitted this issue did exist.

What I hope people like you stop saying is that “nothing was downgraded”. You should have only said “I didn’t notice any graphics downgrade”. By claiming others’ claims were totally untrue, you were basically saying others were liars or at least untrustworthy. This is very inappropriate and it’s up to you to PROVE nothing has been downgraded. Did your blogs prove that? I don’t think so, and I don’t think you can.

I wouldn’t say it’s a failure, but it was definitely rushed out the door and released prematurely. I suspect the bean counters at Microsoft had a much bigger part in that decision than Asobo did. They were funding this project for 5 years, had sunk millions into it so far, and likely wanted to start getting money back on their investment before continuing to fund further development. Of course, that’s speculation on my part, but I’ve been involved in enough software projects rushed out the door prematurely over the last 25 years to know the signs of when financial officers start getting involved and making decisions…

As it stands, MSFS is an incredible acheivement in terms of being a world simulator. No one can take that away from Asobo. They did something on a scale never before attempted in human history, and succeeded. It has some bugs and rough edges, but Asobo are breaking new ground. It’s not like they have the experience of others before them to lean on for lessons learned. They’re blazing their own trail where no one else has been before. And despite said bugs, it’s an incredible acheivement.

It’s just going to take a couple of years for the flight sim part of it to mature enough to catch up to the level of the world it’s set in.

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Easy brother, you’re making a big assumption there. I’m not in anyway arguing that there isn’t a problem. It’s just that you were trying to shift the burden of proof onto GAParadise, who was only asking for some evidence, which is more than reasonable.

Thanks for sharing the doc, I watched it over my lunch-break and thoroughly enjoyed it. Current issues or not, in creating a complete virtual world, MS, Asobo and have built something truly impressive!


I concur that.

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