Nice LFMN ILS 4R approach FIXED!

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After finding a fix for LOWI (see Innsbruck LOWI LOC East approach FIXED! UPDATE) I´ve also fixed the wrong Nice LFMN 4R ILS approach. The file can be found here: - Google Drive
Just unzip the file an drop into your community folder.
The ILS on 4R is wrong in the default MSFS scenery as it is parallel to the Rwy. IRL the ILS antennas are not on the center line of the Rwy but slightly to the north. The ILS is at a slight angle to the Rwy so that the ILS center crosses the center of the beginning of the Rwy 4R. See:

Please let me know if you have any issues.

Thanks !

I have always wondered why this is the case.
Is it because the end of the runway is too close to the water ?

No. It’s due to noise abatement reasons in the approach sector.

But the 04L (which is used for landing most of the time), does have the ILS aligned with the runway ? If so, that doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’m not sure it is for noise abatement. When an airport has two closely-spaced parallel runways that each have an ILS approach, it is not unusual to slightly offset one of the two localizers to provide additional lateral spacing if a situation arises where simultaneous approaches might be conducted to both runways. I know that at LFMN they typically use one runway for takeoffs, and the other for landings, but if circumstances require using both for landings, that might explain the offset.

Yeah, maybe. I don’t think that ever happens though.

At LFMN it’s definitely noise abatement. At least that’s what the airport authorities told us.

In this case you need to have a much higher lateral spacing and usually two parallel approaches.

Perhaps not, but if simultaneous approaches are ever required (perhaps in an emergency) that may account for the offset. I’m not sure about Europe, but in the US, if the center lines of two adjacent parallel runways are less than 3000 feet apart and both have an ILS, one of the two localizers must be offset. This system is known as SOIA.

At Detroit, (KDTW) the western-most runway 04L/22R has two independent ILS systems. One is offset, and the other is not. The non-offset ILS is used most of the time, but when the adjacent runway 04R/22L is active for landings, they switch to the offset ILS.

You can use a much lower minimum on 04L and in bad weather you need at least one approach with a low minimum.

If the weather isn’t that bad you can use the higher minimum on 04R and additionally reduce noise.

That makes sense. Since 04L is the standard landing runway, could ILS 04R be used for noise reduced landings on 04L when the weather/visibility is good (which is most of the time in Nice) ?

Exactly, but that was back in my time at LFML without GPS, RNAV etc.
AFAIK they don’t use the ILS 04R anymore, or at least only very seldom.