Night Lighting and Environment needs a revisit

We really need to get traction on these night light and environment threads as night lighting is still terrible… in the earlier builds they were heading in the right direction… they messed it and somewhat fixed it slightly. Its better now but still underwhelming… At very low altitudes it looks ok but as you get higher its just as bad as P3D… the sim engine has the potential to create some amazing night lighting… the earlier builds have shown that.

I know some people will argue its good as it is… but its really not…if you’ve ever gone flying at night the lights vary and spread differently to what we see in the sim… the sim looks like p3d at night… way too uniform and bland. We now have a modern sim with modern graphics engine, lets use it. Or open up the SDK to include settings to play with the night lighting.

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This is also one of the topics that I opened if you want to participate.

For me it also requires rework but it’s also highly subjective that’s why some people agree some don’t.

I think the topic title on yours would suggest just at a distance, if they could merge with this title it would make it more broad, as in the whole night environment needs a re visit. What we have in the sim is definitely not what night time from the air looks like…

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Needs a config like xplane 11 has.
So easy to tweak.


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