No Clouds in Live Weather! Anyone know why?

Anyone know why the clouds aren’t generating in live weather? The temperature, winds, and pressure are all correct just no clouds anywhere. This has been going on for five days straight at all different times. It’s very frustrating. Maybe they are doing something to the weather engine in preparation for sim update 10…it just doesn’t make sense. I have 1 gig Wi-Fi service that’s lightning fast and a very powerful new pc. Any thoughts or advice would be great!

Have you inadvertently turned off volumetric effects in the dev mode options menu?

That may explain it. Thanks for sending the link! I appreciate it.

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No I haven’t turned off those effects, but thanks for the response.

I see everything is operational again, but I still don’t have any clouds. Looks like I may have to wait until Sim Update X and hopefully this is fixed.

Hello @SaintedGolf136,

I suggest checking all your settings. I just started a flight with live weather enabled, and there were plenty of clouds (full overcast, even) visible to me. See screenshot below taken 30s ago:


My settings are exactly like yours and no clouds show up in the live map or within the simulation. Even when live weather is selected on the main menu map no clouds are shown globally. I do not understand it at all since this has never happened in the years I have been using this simulator.

Here you can see the settings and the wx says 400 overcast and it’s clear. This is what has been happening for 5 days plus now. Maybe you have some ideas. I have even signed out and back in from my account thinking that would help.

Have you confirmed you have Live Weather properly enabled in the Options menu (see screenshot below)? Live Weather is working correctly for me, and we’re not currently seeing any outage reports from other players experiencing problems with Live Weather, so it’s almost certainly a problem or misconfigured setting on your end somewhere.

Yes, Live weather is on under Data. I am receiving all of the temperature, pressure, and wind data correctly. Just no clouds. Are you suggesting I completely uninstall this simulator as a solution? Will sim update X help this issue when the sim is updated?
I have blazing fast internet at 1 Gig and a very powerful computer system bought specifically for this simulator. Needless to say, I am extremely frustrated with this situation.

I don’t have a suggested fix for you at this time. I can only confirm that this is not a wide-spread problem that is affecting everyone. Both players on the live SU9 build and the beta SU10 build are seeing clouds as normal when live weather is enabled.

You can try contacting our customer support team via Zendesk. They may have seen this issue before and have a solution for you.

No issues with live weather for me. I did a short hop CYEG-CYYC flight this morning, and the sim weather was spot on. I was on the “west” server.

guess my sim must be broken…bizzare since this has never happened in years since the sim was released.

Again I say enter dev mode and navigate to the black menu at the top of the screen. In the Options drop down ‘Volumetric Effects’ needs to be ticked.

Ok I can try that.

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Do I leave dev mode enabled or not?

You only need dev mode to see the menu and if needed to make the change, after that disabling dev mode will not change the setting back again.

Ok i checked and it was already checked. Out of curiosity do you turn on your live weather before launching to fly or after you spawn in?

Ok that seems really weird, I don’t suppose you have any weather mods installed or outdated gpu drivers? Otherwise it sounds like a reinstall is needed.

Personal choice. I usually have live weather to start with and make any changes once loaded in however if I’m gliding using the presets that came with the discus2c I tend to set them up first … but really there’s nothing set in stone (and most of my time seems to be spent testing or calibrating anyway).