No Clouds on Live Weather 28/01/2023 14:50 UTC

Anyone having issues with live weather. Currently flying in the UK and the pressure, temperature and wind are correct, but flying in clear skies.


This is a known issue: Live weather stops injecting after a certain duration flown / certain time flown

Thank you for replying, but I don’t think that’s the issue here. I had clear skies from the beginning of the flight. Still in clear skies en-route from EGTE to EINN

Even if the title says “after a certain duration flown”, many users are reporting that issue can happen starting the beginning of a flight.

Okay, thanks again. I’ve never had an issue before so was wondering if it was a problem with the servers.

Issue is somewhere between Miscrosoft servers and ISPs, it is not on user side.
If you are using a PC, you can try those workarounds:
-disable IPv6
-use a VPN

This is a long standing issue for many users.

After two weeks of superb live weather with great cloud formations, Gaming Services updated today and I have now lost the clouds again.

I believe the issue is related to this App or the servers.

Appears to be working today

I had this issue for weeks now…always clear skies…I tried all the workarounds I found on youtube without luck. I even bought REX weather as a desperate measure, but that also has its own issues. Would like to come back to MSFS live weather, but when I keep trying I keep getting clear skies. Anything else I can try?

If it is Gaming Services and / or the servers, there is very little you can do to fix it.

However, you could try an App repair to both FS and Gaming Services?

Reapplying the disabling of ipv6 seems to do the trick (for now). Thank you!

I’m have the cloudless sky over my nearest airport (EGJJ) and have done so for 3-4 days. Its drizzling in Jersey as I’m typing this reply with a layer of cloud, but not on MSFS.

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Same here - no clouds yesterday or today…

It is a pain….

I’ve had this issue for weeks. I’ve been using REX as an alternative but i much prefer the way MSFS generates/depicts cloud formations. I’ll try the IP6 trick. Hope they figure out a fix tho, i miss my MSFS weather!

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Glad to hear it’s not just me. Fired up MSFS and clear skies and we have snow and freezing rain here. Today is first day as far as I know.

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I’ve got clouds somewhere, but somewher - not at all. e.g. over Poland

No clouds today…

UK - England - Midlands

Accurate winds and METARS /TAFs good.

So it’s not just me then. No clouds anywhere this last week, just haze.

Same here I am on xbox I have correct indication of air in my place but no any cloud and the sky is full of snow clouds.

Hello all,

pls can you all with PC system check in your App lists when that Game services were installed? Date and version. I expect problems started at that time. My install date - 4.2.2023 morning and all started wrong with this install. No problems previously with weather start at right time as also flight started. Now I start to understand why many users have different time problems with weather, looks like.