No contrails .... I have the latest update

I fly over 39.000 ft and no contrails, any suggestions? Am I missing anything?

I am not sure, but I think other conditions may have to be met as well. E.g. humidity/temperature.

It still may have been a bug.
Not sure

Have you tried changing different graphics settings?

Well, I’ve tried changing the weather conditions, also SAT temperatures, and nothing yet. :confused:

Well, I’ve tried all the weather settings. Are there any others that I’m missing?

FL390… no contrails, I’ve tried different settings in weather, and nothing :confused:

Set graphics settings to high/ultra and check if they appear.

well it does work, not sure if there is anything special to consider.

Which High or Ultra graphic settings? There are so much… :wink:

The global setting :wink:

Hi, have you try also to set temperature under -90°C for example… The contrail shoud work from -35°C so select a temperature under that -35… Thats a way to force the contrail. If is not working is probabaly a graphic setting disamble…


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Yes, but global rendering has a lot setting options… :slight_smile:

Changing Global Rendering Quality at the top will change all the different settings below at once. It’s the quickest way to find out if the missing contrails are linked to graphics settings or not. If it’s a bug then they won’t appear. Afterwards, if graphics is the root cause, one can check the different graphics settings to identify which one influences contrails visibility.

Not only do I see contrails on my own aircraft, I see them on other aircraft nearby.

Same with me. No bug in the sim

I have my settings in Ultra, nothing.

Contrails will appear / not appear depending on your current temparature and humidity, -30 degrees Celsius at least.

I’ve yet to see contrails. I don’t fly jets, so obviously don’t expect to see them on my own plane. But I see jets flying all the time and no contrails. I have a mix of ultra and high settings.

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Don’t worry. They are there

-46 C … nothing