No grainy reflection

I’ve noticed that these grainy cockpit reflections are probably gone with current Patch Someone else observes the same?

I was just flying a 172 with ultra cockpit set.

The extremely low-res “dirt stains” were still there on the glass.

What about reflections? I didn’t mention any dirt/spots within my original post. :wink:

I thought the reflections did look better actually. Not sure if it’s the update, faster internet connexion or my eyes!

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I recommend trying it with the A5; that aircraft’s dashboard is notoriously grainy with its reflections.

I find it is very prominent in the Cirrus glare shield and panel. I’ll check it next and report back.

No, in the TBM 930 the grainy reflections of the glass screens on the windscreen are still there after the patch…:frowning:

It’s still there, very prominent with the A5. Just go to the hangar, you should easily spot it on the right side of the plane when the hangar doors are open.

Just checked the grainy shadow texture in the Cirrus with direct sunlight and it’s still there and quite prominent.

Attention: I just tried something after watching a You Tube video. Changing the Render Scaling under General to 160 corrects the issue. Problem solved. Tested with bright light on surfaces and no sign of the grainy pixelation in shadows.

Wow, I wish I could get anywhere near 160 RS! :grin:

Sorry Guys,

Just some further testing and the grainy textures are still there, so ignore my post on a solution. Spoke too soon.

Just wait for Raytraced reflections.

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The same here, looking forward. Especially if they implement it so moving ground will reflect on the bottom of A320 fuselage for example… And especially in the night! :slight_smile: