No graphics setting In Xbox X General Options

In the PC version there were many adjustable graphics settings under General Options. In my Xbox X
The Graphics button is white (not blue) and will not expand. All other settings are blue and functional . Is this correct that I cannot chahange settings from Medium to Ultra?
I am running a 4K 60 Hz Monitor.

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As far as I know, XBox versions have strict predefined graphics settings (different for X than for S) and you can’t modify them.

Create a wishlist topic (if I was running XBox I would :smiley: who needs 30Fps all the time)

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Correct, no settings available except for HDR if your television supports it. I doubt very many if any will be added either. Console players generally prioritize performance over graphical fidelity.

Xbox Series X is mainly Ultra Setings.

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Series S uses medium/high settings. Series X is high/ultra. According to Digital Foundry.
You cant change the settings at present, presumably as the games already as optimised as it can get settings wise, any changes would most likely tank the performance.
Loving it on my X so far.


Based on other games, you at some point might get the choice between a “performance” and a “quality” preset, at least that should be technically easy.
It’s pretty common to be able to choose if you prefer smooth 60fps or more eye candy. But currently MSFS doesn’t offer that.

(3) Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S - An Excellent Port Of An Ultra-Spec PC Experience - YouTube

With VRR you have no Framerate Cap

Xbox is only in its early stages as far as the power and capabilities are concerned. You tend to not get optimal performance until midway through it’s generation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more power to be tapped in the future which would bring more options.

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Series X already runs the title in excess of Ultra in many areas. It is far beyond what can currently be achieved on PC. This may change, in due course, as the versions have closer parity. Thanks.

Where did you get your info ? DF sais otherwise, X is high/ultra and S is medium/high… and he knows more than we do interviewing developers about technical topics and they have been actively researching graphics settings from the start. Thanks…


Oh my, wait, I’ve seen almost the exact same statement posted by someone else before the Xbox release… interesting

Thank you all for your knowledge and help. I wish I had posted here first, I asked the same question on Zendesk a few days ago and was told my 1080p monitor was why I could not access Graphics. $600 later I have a 4K 60Hz HDR monitor but the the “problem” was still there! But thanks to you guys I now know its not a problem. I don’t regret buying the monitor but zendesk should really be a bit more knowledgable

He is guy who thinks he knows everything better… even as DF :wink:

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Well his claim was XBox-X is Ultra+ while DF claims something else.

Would be interesting news ! DX-12 will be nice… but I doubt it would allow for passing PC Ultra in quality.

Maybe someone can post some XBox-X screenshots of famous places ? we can compare… This is about graphics settings… there should be screen shot examples… what do we call “XBox-X graphics quality” ?

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Haha that’s hilarious. I hope you aren’t feeling too bad about the new monitor. It’s ridiculous that they told you to buy a new monitor.

Just have to remember that MSFS is also scheduled to be updated for the next 9 years. So the tapping of any extra power may get “canceled out” so-to-speak, leaving the situation even.

But even so, all this talk about the tech stack nullifying CPU/GPU as limiting factors, should allow even the S to run at full max settings…lets see if that ever happens.

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