No high altitude clouds or layers of stratus with Live Weather anymore

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After SU 7 when using Live Weather no high altitude clouds (like layers of stratus or cirrus) are displayed anymore. Also low layers of stratus I have not seen after updating to SU7. Every cloud type now seems to be depicted only by huge and fluffy cumulus. I admit the cumulus look stunning, but very often out of place and certain weather situations very unreal now.

It’s already being discussed elsewhere, but good comment, only we didn’t have any cirrus clouds in the MSFS anyway (unfortunately) but you’re right on the other point !

you have my vote anyway :slight_smile: !

Yes all the diverse types of clouds are gone along with weather fronts in the distance and also real clouds formations on mountains (depending from the wind) it’s a mess that makes me so sad, the weather in the game was so beautiful, I hope they will fix it soon or for me 50% of the fun is gone.

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You may wish to contribute to and vote on the thread I started as I think we are talking about the same problem basically: Sim now seems incapable of rendering overcast using live weather - #22 by p1nba11er


Vote? I am new to this forum I can’t even create posts? How do I vote and what does it mean? :slight_smile:

If you click on my link, it will take you to my post. In the top left corner there is a blue “vote” button, the more votes a topic gets the more likely Asobo are to take the problem seriously and investigate it. Thanks!

Only 18 votes. Goodness. This is absolutely correct, the weather depiction is really borked. Not only that but the albeit welcome haze layer, is a law unto itself coming and going as it pleases. HiFi sim went through the same curve years ago, and it’s a shame we have to go through the same growing pains again.
It would be churlish not to mention how amazing the sky still looks sometimes though.
C’mon guys give this your vote…

I don’t understand either! You’re absolutely right!

Not only all we have are cumulous, but these are not even looking good most of the time

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I’m starting to lose faith…where is our beautiful weather? :frowning:


I think the culprit is the new holy grail - metar. Metar only provides a limited amount of data, by far not as many as Meteo Blue does (or did?). AFAIK metar only provides data for an area of 8 miles in diameter around the station), and it only reports low to mid level cumulus and fog/haze (i.e. the kind of data a pilot need for a (final) approach. Higher layer of clouds are ignored by metar. Metar also does not say if a layer is stratus or cumulus. It seems that the sim interprets all layers just as cumulus.
That’s why we see no stratus or mimicked cirrus any more.
Another issue is, that if you start within a metar area you will have the same weather displayed until you enter the next metar area. If you start from outside a meatr area you will have clear skies until you anter the nex metar area.
At the moment I only fly with manual weather. This gives me realistcally looking winter skies, but sadly without weather change and realistic winds etc. though.


METAR keep destroying the weather around the airports, often we can see walls of clouds around it, this also shape them in a way that are not natural at all, it’s usually cumulus clouds, very dark and towering…please Asobo remove METAR or just get visibility and pressure…unless you have a way to proper blend it…but how? I was flying today in an area that was mostly clear sky but the metar said A FEW, this ended up resulting in an airport surrounded by low cumulus clouds and all around clear skies!!! it was like i don’t know…a paranormal weather phenomena1!!