No Hollywood sign in the hills

I normally fly in the Los Angeles area and noticed there is no Hollywood sign in the Hollywood Hills, which is an iconic landmark known all over the world. I’ve also read through other threads that there’s no Mount Rushmore and no USS Arizona in Hawaii… hummmmm?

Nope. No Arizona, and I believe Rushmore is represented by a building…Yeah. :joy:

I could have sworn I’d seen the Hollywood sign, hidden up there, but probably not. Too many sims, not enough accuracy to my memory these days, lol.

The Hollywood sign is there, tested it myself. But you have to use photogrammetry and it is actually quite small. You really have to get close to see it.

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Can confirm the Hollywood sign is there too.

Yay for my memory! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Okay thanks. I’ll go take another look.

I saw the hollywood sign. I flew into Burbank and purposely flew by it to see it… I had to be very very close to see it. Better off using the drone to catch it.

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It needs to be a lighter color for it to be seen, i think. But its there.



Yes I was very sad to NOT see the USS Arizona in Hawaii. I live in Sydney Australia and the Sydney harbor bridge is missing. World famous landmarks missing is very sad indeed.

in Ultra mode, I saw the Hollywood Sign on the hillside above Hollywood.

You can blame the NSW government for the harbour bridge as you need a paid license to show an image of it in anything

Future DLC :joy:

oh well, I’m pretty sure Microsoft can afford the licence fee. :wink:


There is an addon available for several days

See you

Thanks. Looks better now. Although the cars still drive on the water underneath. LOL
Hope they do a complete Sydney makeover soon. :slight_smile:

Yep. Same Problem in LA Area. Other Signs worked perfectly.
hollywood inglewood

Current MSFS version only the shadow to the Hollywood letters.

Double-check you have World Update 2 installed. Some points of interest are only actually implemented in the World Update pack, with the base data missing whatever original version was there from terrain or photogrammetry, to make room for the modeled version.

Community Manager responded to your defect report - as you can see, the signs do exist.